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See Homepage. This page: A four-door touring Bugatti Type 40 spied on a rally for pre-war motorcars in the 1950s.
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Bugatti tourer reg'd YX 9221.

Two photographs now of a pre-war Bugatti, seen on a vintage motoring event in the 1950s. A note on the rear of both photos says "Type 40", which I'm hoping is the correct identity of this Bugatti. If a marque expert can confirm or correct this, it would be appreciated. The first, slightly out-of-focus image, shows the Bugatti, registration number YX 9221, driving along an un-made road, with spectators huddled amongst the trees.
A Type 40 Bugatti car
The YX registration letter code lasted but a few months, from July 1928 to October of the same year, and was allocated to the London area. A look on the RAC site brings up a reference to the car, so happily the car still exists somewhere - either in the UK or perhaps overseas? This particular Bugatti is fitted with four-door touring coachwork - does anyone recognise the maker, or indeed the car itself? The colour is given as blue (French Blue presumably), and a registration date of September 1928. Engine size is given as 1479cc.
The second (cropped) photo of the Type 40 Bugatti shows it parked in an assembly area, with various cars belonging to spectators in the background. Of these, I recognise (l-r) a Ford Prefect, Austin Devon, another E493A Prefect, and a rear view of a 2 Litre AC saloon car. Just visible, to the extreme right of shot, is the back wing of a Mk1 Consul.
Bugatti parked near various other old cars

The Type 40 Bugatti.

The Type 40 was built from 1926 to 1930, and the twin-plug 40A in 1930 only. The 1500cc engine, based on that of the Type 37, produced 45bhp from its four cylinder SOHC engine. Whereas most 4 cyl engines had a firing order of 1-3-4-2, the Type 40 had an order of 1-2-4-3 (as also found on a sidevalve Ford's 10hp engine). Each cylinder was fed through a pair of inlet valves, the burnt gases exiting via a single large exhaust valve.
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A 4.5 Litre Bentley competing in the same event can be seen here. Photos of a racing Bugatti at a post-war meeting can be found on the Type 35 page.

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