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Packard saloon in Canada.

A note on the rear of this photo confirms that it was taken in Sarnia, Canada, July 1945. The car to our left is a Packard. The single-piece windscreen (earlier cars had a two-piece screen) suggests an automobile of the mid/late 1930s, probably circa 1936. I think this is a Packard 120 Series sedan, one of several variants of the "One-Twenty" line that were produced.
A pre-war Packard sedan
A number of other cars are in view. Also visible are several businesses that were located on this street in Sarnia, including Gower Furs, a laundry, the Colonial Hotel and, in the distance, the Capitol cinema. Just visible is the current film showing - "God Is My Co-Pilot" starring Dennis Morgan. A little research confirms that this film was released in 1945. It was based around the real-life flying exploits of a one Colonel Robert L. Scott, and was released in April of that year (the film's trailer can be found here on Youtube).
A closer look at the Packard has been added in below. I believe it is a sedan (saloon) version of the One-Twenty - a photo of the more glamorous Convertible Coupe can be seen here.
Another photograph, taken by the same family and on the same street in Sarnia, can also be found on the People and Old Cars Page 4 (image no.7).
Closer look at this 1930s Packard

A UK-registered example from 1937.

In 2014 the following photograph was received, the sender hoping that the car - that belonged to his grandfather - might be identified. Again it looks like a 120-series straight-eight Packard, although this one is photographed in the UK. London registered (GMD 196), it first ran on UK roads in 1937. The presence of a roof-mounted aerial points to the fitment of a wireless set. Other minor differences between this and the Canadian example above include this car having a sizeable pair of auxiliary lamps, and bumper overriders of a slightly different design. Otherwise it looks very similar.
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A 137 Packard One-Twenty in the UK
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A photo of an earlier Packard 8 can be seen here, while in the motoring collectables section, there is a letter regarding Packard cars for 1938.

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