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See Homepage. This page: Side-on view of a twenties' Wolseley tourer, with 'rumble' seat, known as 'Fenella' by its owners.
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"Fenella" the Wolseley tourer.

Although several older Wolseleys feature on the site, this is one of the older examples (the oldest being this Wolseley-Siddeley tourer).
The two seat tourer shown below (with dickey seat raised) dates to the early years of the 1920s, and is one of the company's smaller models, possibly an 11/22 tourer. Note the headlamps that are mounted on the front wings (rather than inboard of them), and the tall windscreen offering good protection to the Wolseley's front seat occupants. The poor soul who would be sat out the back in the dickey seat was less well protected (at least those sat in front could fold the hood up for some weather protection!). The sturdy quarter-elliptic springs fitted to this Wolseley, fore and aft, are clearly visible in this photo.
Wolseley touring car of the 1920s
A note on the rear of the photos says "Mum and I in the Wolseley 'Fenella' - 'Fenny' is meant for four - bigger than 'Gerry'". Gerry, or Geraldine, was the name this chap gave to another car he owned, a diminutive Rover 8 (pics 3 & 4), also featured at oldclassiccar.
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Other pre-war Wolseleys that appear on OCC include this Wolseley Hornet Special sportscar, and a rather more stately Wolseley 8 of the 1930s. A wealth of s/h and new parts can be found in the Wolseley section of the classified ads.

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