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See Homepage. This page: A fine ex-military AEC truck belonging to Dew of Oldham, Manchester, in the 1950s, plus a RAF example.
Original transport photographs
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AEC Matador.

Paul supplied the first old lorry photo on this page, it shows an ex-military AEC Matador in it's post-war civilian life with Dew of Oldham. Originally a military vehicle, many Matadors found new post-war roles with civilian operators, helping in the rebuild of the country's town and cities. Thanks to their excellent off-road characteristics, a significant number of de-mobbed AECs found themselves hidden away in woods and forests, on logging work. In all around 9,000 of these artillery tractors were produced, with examples serving with the RAF, Navy and the Army during WW2. A photo of a RAF Matador can also be found on this page.
An AEC Matador lorry

A Matador in RAF colours.

Next, a photo kindly sent over by Ray. It shows his father stood alongside a Royal Air Force AEC Matador in 1941, fitted with a Coles crane. The location was RAF North Weald. Ray adds that his father regularly drove the AEC, and ".. picking up pranged aircraft was the order of the day." Great photo Ray - thanks!
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An AEC Matador lorry serving with the RAF at North Weald

Collection of military vehicle photos.

The video below contains 125 photographs of military vehicles, from the 1910s/WW1 era, through WW2 and into the 1980s. AEC Matadors feature, naturally.
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