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See Homepage. This page: A vintage Alvis saloon is seen on a motoring event organised by the L.A.C. in the 1950s.
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Pre-war Alvis 12/50 four-light saloon.

I've a few photos of some cars taking part in a particular road rally in the early 1960s. This b/w photo shows an Alvis, a late-vintage 12/50 (registration BX 8?2?) four-light saloon, driving along what looks like a seafront in a convoy of pre-war motorcars. Another of the photos shows a car with a rally plaque affixed to the front bumper, bearing the letters "L.A.C." which, I suspect, is for the Lancashire Automobile Club (LAC). Also visible in this photo is a '50s Humber Hawk, an Austin A35, and an RAC patrolman on his motorcycle.
Vintage Alvis 12/50
This car has some interesting features, which makes me think it is a 12/50 Alvis fitted with coachwork by Carbodies Ltd. The distinctive 'V' windscreen, the four-light coachwork with large rear side windows, and the large oval rear window, all suggest to me a Carbodies creation, circa 1927 or 1928 perhaps. Perhaps a diehard Alvisti could confirm or dispute this identification?

There are three badges mounted on the headlamp crossbar. The leftmost badge looks like an Alvis 12/50 Register badge, shield shaped and featuring the Alvis hare (also represented on the radiator mascot), the centre badge I can't make out, and to the right is a VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) enamel badge. A number of extra lamps have been fitted to this car, and the main headlamps look like Marchal units.
Update October 2009.
John W kindly got in touch with some more information on the scene above. The Alvis shown belongs to a friend of his, Laurence Eccles, and Mr Eccles is seen here piloting the car in 1963. John adds: "Laurence Eccles of Chorley owned this 12/50 in 1963 and the event was the first Manchester to Blackpool Veteran and Vintage Car Rally. He still owns it today and uses it regularly, and it is in first class condition and very smart. The Alvis was off the road for a few years whilst he did a complete rebuild. He's the original DIY man, he even made plating baths and did all the nickel plating himself, and made a perfect job of both the trimming and the coachpainting". Thanks for the update John, much appreciated! Another car taking part in the same run is this circa 1934 Standard Ten saloon.
Return to Old Motoring Photos Page No. 9, or take a look at the Alvis entries in the classifieds section. The first Alvis to be produced was the 10/30 of 1920, an example of the 10/30 2-seat tourer can be found here.

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