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See Homepage. This page: An interesting old photo of a vintage Alvis tourer, and the family to which it belonged.
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Alvis 10/30 2 seat tourer (with dickey).

Mike Newington contacted me in 2010, he's researching his family tree and has been doing some investigations with regard to the motor-car shown in the photo below. A neighbour of his had suggested that the car may be a vintage Morris, but it didn't look like any Cowley or Oxford I'd ever seen. The triangular motif on the car's hub nut suggested Alvis, and after seeking some advice on the matter, it seems that the car is an Alvis 10/30 tourer, circa 1922 or so. A gent, with hat, can be seen demonstrating the Alvis' dickey seat at the rear.
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A vintage Alvis 10/30
Mike adds:"Their surname is Homewood, and they owned a shoe repair shop near Saint Martin's Church, Lewis Road, Brighton. I am trying to re-trace my family tree, and was wondering if you could help by showing their picture, which I have attached, and maybe one of your viewers might recognise the car, if not the family. Unfortunately I have drawn a blank so far, as everyone in the picture passed away several years ago."
If anyone can help Mike with his search, please drop me a line. The buildings in the background look like terraced houses. Assuming this was taken in the 1920's, motor-cars were still the preserve of the moderately-to-well off, especially an Alvis, so any new arrival of a motor-car in the street would no doubt have got the curtains twitching.
The Alvis 10/30 would be the company's first foray into motor-car manufacture, the firm previously having produced stationary engines, scooters and carburetter parts. The 10/30 was introduced in 1920, and featured a monobloc sidevalve engine of 1460cc, with fixed head, under its bonnet. A four speed gearbox was standard fitment from the outset. In 1921 the 10/30 was joined by the new 1598cc 11/40, available in two wheelbases. Production of all the sidevalve Alvises came to an end in 1925, making way for the popular overhead-valve 12/50.
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