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See Homepage. This page: An unusual photo of an Irish-registered Velie tourer of the early twenties.
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Velie Model 58 Touring Car of 1922/23.

Austin sent this old photo to me, wondering if I could help identify it. It wasn't a car I'd seen before, and in the end Austin established that it's a Velie Model 58 touring car, built in 1922 or 1923 and registered in the Dublin area. The car was registered YI 5856, and it's fate isn't known. The Velie belonged to Mr James Lyle Stirling, a Dublin wine merchant, he was the great-grandfather of Austin's wife, hence his interest in having the automobile identified.
A Velie motorcar of 1922 or 1923
I'd never heard of Velie until this photo turned up, and perhaps it isn't surprising as the company ceased producing motorcars in January 1929, following the death of the company's founder (Willard Velie, grandson of John Deere) in 1928. In the early twenties, their cars were powered by a six cylinder Continental engine, although from 1926 a straight eight Lycoming engine was also offered. According to the Velie Register, 230 examples of the Velie are known to survive.
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