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See Homepage. This page: Page 10 in this gallery of vintage motoring images taken in the 1920s through to the 1960s.
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In the years that the OCC site has been running, all manner of interesting motor-related photos have come to light. Some I've bought, either online or from antique and collectors' shops. Some of the 1930s and 1940s images have been sent in by visitors to the site, often trying to identify vehicles shown in photos found in old photograph albums. Where permission has been granted, I've put many of these images into this section, along with those that I've discovered along the way. All car photos, whether pre-war, or moving into the 1950s and 60s, are all suitable for inclusion.
This is the tenth page of these images - photos are added in as and when they turn up, to see an alphabetical list of the images included so far in this section, please click on the index link below. If you have any old photos, that feature motoring subjects (cars, lorries, vans, pickup trucks or whatever), it would be great to see them and, if possible, include them in this ever-growing collection of pictures.

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Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Mk1 Lotus Cortina rally car
Ford Lotus-Cortina Mk1 (2 pics)

  Belsize car of 1912-1916
Belsize 10/12hp tourer (1 pic)

  Commer 8cwt van
Commer 10hp 8cwt van (1 pic)

Austin Sheerline
Austin A125 Sheerline (6 pics)

  Norton motorcycle
Norton motorcycle (1 pic)

  SS Jaguar saloon
SS Jaguar 1.5 litre & MkIV (8 pics)

SS Jaguar cars
SS & Jaguar 2.5 Litre (4 pics)

  Rolls-Royce Wraith of 1939
Rolls-Royce Wraith & Silver Wraith (8)

  Mk2 Ford Cortina
Ford Cortina Mk2 (inc 1600E) (3 pics)

Speed Engines Ltd V8 GP engine
Speed Engines Ltd V8 (1 pic)

  Cubitt car
Cubitt 16/20hp tourer (2 pics)

  Singer Silent Six Kaye Don
Singer Silent Six Kaye Don (1 pic)

Vintage Vauxhall 20/60
Vauxhall 20/60 tourer (6 pics)

  Hillman Imps
Hillman Imp (8 pics)

  Vauxhall Victors
Vauxhall FD Victor (2 pics)

Old charabancs
Vintage charabancs pg2 (15 pics)

  Maserati GP racing car
Maserati 4CLT 1948 (1 pic)

  Vauxhall PC Cresta saloon car
Vauxhall PC Cresta (1 pic)

Motorcycles & sidecars
Motorcycle sidecars (16 pics)

  Vintage Singer 10 car photos
Singer 10 (6 pics)

  Hanomag car
Hanomag 3/16 (1 pic)

Costin Nathan GT
Costin-Nathan GT car (1 pic)

  Triumph Super Seven car photo
Triumph Super 7 (6 pics)

  Classic pre-war Standard 10
Pre-war Standard 10 (2 pics)

Commer Superpoise
Commer Superpoise (2 pics)

  VW Beetle car photos
VW Beetles (13 pics)

  Pre-war Morris 10/4 saloon car photo
Pre-series Morris 10/4 (7 pics)

Morris 18 car and van
Morris 18 Series 1 & 2 (3 pics)

  A vintage Delaunay Belleville
Delaunay-Belleville cars (4 pics)

  A pre-war Wolseley 12 Coupe
Wolseley 12 Coupe (1 pic)

Rover P5 coupe
Rover 3 Litre P5 (3 pics)

  Talbot 15hp
Talbot 15hp Landaulette (1 pic)

  Renault Primaquatre
Renault Primaquatre (1 pic)

Oakland car
Oakland Model 38 (1 pic)

  Oldsmobile touring car
1925 Oldsmobile touring (1 pic)

  Fiat 519
1922-1927 Fiat 519 (2 pics)

Bedford PC ute
Bedford PC utes (10 pics)

  Austin 16
Austin 16 (8 pics)



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