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See Homepage. This page: A sixth page of images featuring transport subjects seen in the last 80 years or so.
Original transport photographs
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Vintage vehicle images Page 6.

More old vehicles from years ago.

Many of the photographs that feature on these pages are from my own collection, which I started many years ago. Thanks must go to the many people that have contacted me, via this website, with offers of car-related photograph scans from their own family albums. An interesting photograph simply found in a box of old paperwork is a real result obviously, but when there is no story to go with it, we can only guess at when the picture was taken, why it was taken, the location of the photo, and of course the names of the people in view. When photos are scanned in by relatives of the people and/or vehicles in shot, the extra information that usually comes with them adds greatly to the interest each photo provides.

If you have any old photos that feature cars, or other types of motorised transport, in them, it would be great to be able to feature them here. I can be contacted via the details on this page.

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Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Vans in Sidmouth
Commer van in Sidmouth (1 pic)

  Velocette Venom motorcycle
Velocette Venom 500cc (1 pic)

  Austin Cambridge
Austin A55 Cambridge (2 pics)

AEC coach operated by Wallace Arnold
AEC Reliance coach, 1963 (2 pics)

  Tornado Typhoon
Tornado Typhoon (2 pics)

  Lotus 11 racing car
Lotus 11 promo? (1 pic)

De Dion Bouton of 1912/1913
De Dion Bouton (3 pics)

  Daimler Fifteen of 1934
Daimler 15 cars 1933 - 1936 (4)

  Morgan JAP sportscar
Morgans (JAP & Matchless) (10)

Overland agents in Redhill
Overland Agents, Redhill (2 pics)

  Cars in a parade
Model T in carnival parade (2 pics)

  Aveling & Porter
Aveling & Porter steamroller (3 pic)

Austin 12hp taxi cab
Austin 12/4 Low Loader taxi (6 pic)

  Vauxhall HA saloon car
Viva HA car & utility vehicle (3 pics)

  Citroen C2 vintage car
Citroen Type C 5CV (1 pic)

Mk1 Cortina GT
Ford Cortina Mk1 GT (1 pic)

  Velocette LE
Velocette LE Mk1/2 (1 pic)

  Armstrong Siddeley
Armstrong Siddeley (1 pic)

Old Standard car garage
1920s Garage (4 pics)

  Morris Y van
Morris Series Y van (2 pics)

  Standard 10 saloon car
Standard 10, autotesting (5 pics)

Ford E83W van
Ford 10cwt E83W vans (17 pics)

  Commer Cob van
Commer Cob series 1 (2 pics)

  Mk7 Jaguar rally cars
Monte Carlo Jaguars (2 pics)

Ford Thames ET6
Ford Thames 4D/ET6 lorry (4 pics)

  Borgward Isabella
Borgward Isabella Estate (2 pics)

  Ford Zephyr Mk1
Ford Zephyr Six Mk1 (9 pics)

Buick Roadmaster
A '57 Buick on ice (1 pic)

  Morgan car
Morgan Grand Prix & Deluxe (3)

  Vauxhall Cadet saloon
Vauxhall Cadet (1 pic)

Morris 10M
A Morris Series 10M on Election day, plus other examples (9 pics)

  Humber Hawk at 10 Downing Street
Humber Hawk saloons (6 pics)

  Dodge D60L truck in WW2
A wartime Canadian Dodge D60L 3 ton truck (1 pic)

Morris Six
A 1948-1954 Morris Six (1 pic)

  Albion lorries
Albion lorries & Model T (1 pic)

  VW Beetle saloon car
Volkswagen Beetle (10 pics)

Old Ford dealership & garage
1940s Ford sales agency & garage in Hastings (4 pics)

  Austin A50 Cambridge
A smart new Austin A50 Cambridge seen in 1955 (10 pics)

  Two Bedford vans
Two Bedford CA vans in a high street (1 pic)

1950s road traffic scene
Busy traffic in the 1950s (2 pics)

  Classic car built in the 1940s
A '40s homebuilt sportscar (4 pics)

  Wolseley motorcars
Pre-war Wolseleys (4 pics)

A Singer touring car
1920's Singer 10/26 tourer (2 pics)

  Mercedes coach from the 1930s
Two pre-war coaches (3 pics)

  Aero cyclecar
Aero 500 / 662 cyclecar (1 pic)

Morris Minor
1928 - 1934 Morris Minors (10 pics)

  Austin 7 Ruby
Austin Ruby & forklift (2 pics)

  Jowett Bradford van
Jowett Bradford van, pickup & estate cars (6 pics)

1949 DeSoto
1948 / 1949 DeSotos (5 pics)

  A vintage car garage
Causeway Garage, 1927 (2 pics)

  Opel car
Late 1920s Opels (2 pics)


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