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Car 25 - Lotus 11.

Don got in touch from the US recently, with a query about this framed picture that he rescued from being thrown in the bin. Initially he thought it was a Jaguar, but I'm certain that it's a Lotus Eleven. The next question to answer is: what is the story behind this Lotus driver casually leaning against his car, tucking into a bowl of Kelloggs Corn Flakes, while talking to the other chap? and who exactly is it shown in the photograph?
A Lotus 11 racing car with driver
I'm grateful to Don for photographing this framed picture and emailing it over. Top marks for not letting it end up in the bin too! It'd be great to try and shed some light on this picture, and the relationship between the Lotus, the driver, and the Corn Flakes - was it a promotional thing, perhaps just for the US market? Or was this used to promote the product in the UK and other countries too? All information welcome on this one, just drop me an email if you can help sort this one out.
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More news.

As often happens, a photo gets put onto the site then at some point in the future, in this case five+ years later, extra nuggets of information arrive down the wire. In May 2013, Russ contacted me with some useful insight into the car and driver shown above:
"The 'Corn Flake' Eleven belonged to Peter Helferich. Peter is the fellow standing behind the car. Robert Shufelt, owner/driver of Lotus Eleven S-1 Club, #292, is leaning against the car eating the bowl of flakes. They were close racing friends located in the Chicago area. Shufelt staged the photo as a joke, to try and get Helferich to send it to Kellogg's to get some sponsor money. This never happened. We have been developing the history of the Helferich Eleven, but still do not know yet which chassis number this car is, or who has it today."
Thanks for the extra information Russ!
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