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See Homepage. This page: A pair of photographs issued by Conveyancer, one featuring an Austin Seven no less.
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Austin 7 gets a lift.

Thanks once again to Les for dipping into his archives and turning up these two photographs, the first showing a 1930s Austin 7 Ruby, perched upon a Conveyancer forklift truck, I guess some time in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The Austin (registration EKT ???) doesn't look to be in its first flush of youth, perhaps it belonged to the chap driving the forklift. Blocks of wood have been placed on the lifting forks, supporting the chassis rails of the car and preventing the exhaust from being crushed. Note the distinct lack of safety gear worn by the driver - no reflective clothing or hard hat required, just a smart suit and comfortable pair of shoes. Not even a protective guard over the chain - no nannying back then.
Austin 7 Ruby from the 1930s
The second photo sent by Les again shows a Conveyancer, albeit a different model, in action lifting a fully loaded pallet, justifying the claims for it's 'stability and steadiness'. Was the Conveyancer a brand and product owned by Electro-Hydraulics of Warrington? itself part of the Owen Organisation. Probably of more interest to visitors to this page, is the interesting line-up of pre- and immediate post-war motorcars in the distant car park, including examples of Austin, Ford, MG and more in the line-up. I've posted a couple of clearer images showing these vehicles further down the page. I was a little surprised to find that this isn't the first time the Conveyancer forklift has appeared on OCC, as a plastic toy version of this useful little machine features here.
The Conveyancer
Cars parked in the distance no.1
Cars parked in the distance no.2
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