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See Homepage. This page: A family stood next to their Borgward estate on a caravanning holiday, plus a second example.
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1. A rare Borgward Isabella.

Paul sent in this photograph, asking if I knew what the car shown is. It is an Isabella, in rare estate form.
Borgward Isabella
The Isabella was first launched in 1954 replacing the earlier Hansa model, with the estate car following on shortly after in 1955. The car shown above was photographed in the late 1960s, either in Skegness or Ingoldmells. This range of cars, produced in Bremen, lasted in production until 1962. The body was of monocoque construction, and under the skin there was a 4 cylinder engine at the front, and independent suspension at the rear. In 1957 a stylish coupe version of the Isabella was launched, to try and stem the slide in sales of saloons and estates. However by the early 60s, the Borgward Isabella was beginning to show its age, sales had not recovered sufficiently to keep the company afloat, and the factory doors finally closed in 1962.
A small number of these Borgwards survive, and within that number, a few examples of the Isabella estate are preserved, such as this one seen at Malvern back in 2005. Even rarer on these shores was the Borgward P100 of 1959 - 1961.

2. A Borgward Isabella estate car bought for 80 GBP.

Kevin has been in touch before about classic Borgwards, including the P100 mentioned on the page above, and has now turned up a photo of the Isabella estate he bought for 80 GBP in 1972. Thanks for sending it over! Regarding the Isabella, Kevin adds:
"Going back to the piece I sent you a while ago about the Borgward Big Six and my own Borgward Isabella buying experience back in 1972, I've been rooting around in the loft and found the long-lost only photograph I ever took of the car. Here it is, in glorious faded Polaroid grey and grey, parked outside the family home that summer. The "L" plates were for yours truly, but only for a short while - driving lessons were quite expensive at 99 pence a time, so an early test pass was a financial necessity! Incidentally, the coalmans' Karrier Bantam tipper (on 7.50x20 wheels) belonged to Smiths of Wombwell, and was maroon if my memory serves me right."
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Another classic Borgward Isabella
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