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Decorated cars ready for the carnival parade.

A Model T prepares for the parade

These two photographs are the latest in a series of motoring-related images that Nigel sent over. Both show a 1920s touring car, possible a Ford Model T, being prepared to take part in a procession of decorated vehicles. Although not clear in the photo above, the sign over the windscreen says "Linter & Sons Ltd, Redhill" - the Linter & Sons garage features on another page of this site, as they were agents for Overland and the Rover Eight (garage photo here).

The passengers in the car are dressed up in various costumes. Easiest to identify is the chap in the rear, kitted out as Mr Bibendum, the mascot for Michelin Tyres, an example of which is strapped on top of the car's bulkhead, ready for the parade. The chap standing up reminds me of the tin man in the Wizard Of Oz film. The gent walking up to the car appears to be dressed up as a jockey, although where his horse is is anyone's guess. Parked behind the tourer is a very early fuel delivery lorry, in the signwritten livery of Pratts Spirits (petrol company). Note the heavy spoked wheels, only fitted with solid rubber tyres, rather than the pneumatic variety that would become commonplace soon after this photograph was taken. Just in view on the right is a young lad, complete with flat cap, stood near an elderly bicycle. In the background is a fine old sign, for Watkin & Watkin, advising that the freehold property in the background is up for sale.

The second photo, shown below, features the same car as already seen above, albeit this time with full wheel covers fitted to it (perhaps they fell off?). A close look at Mr Bibendum shows that he is smoking a cigar, something frowned upon today but perfectly acceptable in those days. Mr Bibendum would be seen smoking a cigar in early Michelin advertising anyway, so the bloke in that uncomforable looking attire had got the look 'just right'. In the background is what looks like a garage (Linter's again?), to the right and partially obscured is a sign for North British Clincher Tyres, and partially visible at the top is a sign for a bodybuilding (ie a coachbuilding) company.

Ford car with passengers on board

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