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See Homepage. This page: A big 50s American Buick Road Master seen parked up on ice at the Isle of Marken, in Holland.
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A Buick Roadmaster.

Another fascinating photograph taken, and emailed over, by Leo, this time showing a late 1950s Buick parked on frozen waters near Marken, a small island in Holland, situated close to the mainland town of Volendam.

A Buick Roadmaster sedan in Holland
It seems that the waters between the mainland and the island of Marken froze over in the winter of 1962/1963, with the ice reaching upto 3ft in depth in places, as Leo recalls:

"Another picture I found. The winter of 62-63 was extremely cold here. The sea in which the Isle of Marken is was frozen. Ice was nearly 3 feet thick. Here you see the Buick Roadmaster 1957 of the Utrecht-boutchers family Vos, on the ice near Volendam and the isle of Marken called Gouwzee. Since then it never happened again to repeat such an ice trip by car. As a young boy I cleaned their car every week to get some pocketmoney.The car weight was over 2000 kg. It had an 8 cylinder engine, 6.2 litres, with 290 SAE HP. I remember the picture was made with their old black pre-war Leica camera with a 3.5 Elmar lens."

A look on Google Maps shows the approximate location of this photograph:

Volendam, Holland.

Thanks for the great photograph!

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