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See Homepage. This page: A couple with their trusty Commer van on a camping trip.
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Commer Cob van.

Not the best photos in the world, but the Commer Cob van doesn't feature as yet in this vintage photos section, so here goes, a 1950s example of the Cob, photographed with its owners on a camping trip.
Cob Van
Side view of the Commer Cob
Surviving examples of the Cob are few nowadays, most having been driven to destruction in their role as a handy light commercial vehicle. Whether TMJ 447 is still with us is anyone's guess, but I doubt it. The Commer Cob was based largely on the Hillman Husky, an estate-car version of the Hillman Minx. This looks to me like a Series 1 example, similar in style to the 'Audax' range of Minxes and Huskies. The previous Cobs were based on the earlier style of Minx, before the introduction of the 'series' models, as were the earlier 8cwt Commer vans of 1936 onwards.
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In the collectables section of Old Classic Car, I've added in a page for a leaflet that describes the "special accessories" that were offered to buyers of the new Series 1 Cob, in 1957, you can find it on this page.
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