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1. Jowett Bradford in NZ.

The Jowett Bradford van photo shown below belongs to Keith in New Zealand, so thanks to him for ok'ing it being featured here (and to Paul B who first showed this van photo to me). As can be seen, it was employed on laundry duties in some remote areas of New Zealand, as Keith explains: "The lady in the car is Joan Andrews, my mother. My father took the pic, William (Bill) Andrews. Not only was the Bradford the business vehicle it was their only vehicle ... and their first car. It travelled many miles long distance, privately based in Te Kuiti (North Island NZ) and regularly travelled to Auckland. Keep in mind even in the late 1940s, NZ was still a new country, roads still left a lot to be desired, much of the main highway was still gravel."
Jowett Bradford van in action

2. A British Jowett Bradford estate car.

This second shot of a Jowett Bradford turned up in 2010, it shows a Bradford estate (either a converted van or the factory-built Utility model), complete with L plates attached. In addition to the metal Learner's plate on the front bumper, are accessories such as extra driving lamps and headlamp peaks. A suction demister can just be seen attached to the inside of the Jowett's windscreen, essential if trying to traverse the Yorkshire Dales in the middle of winter.
The Bradford's registration is JFM 608, a Chester number, so perhaps it was more at home ploughing the lanes of North Wales than the Dales or Pennines. An upright Ford sidevalve can be seen parked in the background of this scene from May 1959.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Jowett Bradford estate car photo

3. A Jowett pickup truck.

Raye emailed this next photo over, showing the truck that his grandfather used in his roofing business around the London area. This is the first old photo of a Bradford pickup, or builders truck as it may well have been known, that I've come across. Thanks to Ray for allowing me to show it here. Its registration was HHO 961, a Hampshire series first introduced in July 1949. The offside headlamp could do with some re-alignment.
Jowett Bradford pickup truck

4. A Bradford estate and other post-war classics.

Keith kindly sent this next photo over, which features amongst other cars, a fine Jowett Bradford van/estate car, parked outside The Wellfield hotel. Keith adds:
"My father tenanted the Wellfield Hotel, Beech Hill, Wigan from when it was new in 1956 until 1974 and the colour photo shows one half of the pub and car park. In those days of no breath test I often wondered how the driver of the bubble car (who I knew as a heavy drinker) managed to get home safely but he always did. However, if too worse for wear we would see the bubble car on the car park the next morning having been left there overnight."
In addition to the Jowett Bradford, I can make out examples of Hillman Minx, a Heinkel bubble car (already mentioned), a Minor, a dark-coloured van (?), a Mini van, and, parked alongside the Bradford, a Minor van. Thanks to Keith for the photo.
A Bradford and other classics outside a hotel

5. Jowetts & more in this 1950 lineup.

Thanks to David for this next family photo, which dates to 1950. Nearest the camera in this classic lineup of vehicles are two Jowett Bradfords, one a van, the other an estate car. Regarding the van specifically, David adds: "The Bradford van pictured was driven back from Preston Lancs to Selby Yorks over the A59 on one cylinder, because the spark plug blew out on the other and stripped the threads on a Sat afternoon, and my dad could not get it fixed so drove it home."
Parked alongside the Jowetts is a Morris PV, also signwritten in the Joys Poultry Breeders livery. Next to the Morris is an Austin K8, and also two de-mobbed ex-military vehicles - CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) Chevrolet and a CMP Ford.
Two Jowett Bradfords and other vehicles

6. Tecalemit service vans.

Peter L emailed over this old photo a little while ago, and to be honest it could have been placed on a number of pages on OCC given the variety of vans that are in evidence here. The Bradfords though are the clearest, hence the photo finding its way here. Two of Jowett's finest are closest to the camera. Alongside the Bradfords are a pair of Bedfords, then an Austin. Bedfords occupy the furthest three positions in the line-up, and I'm sure I can see a couple of Commers. All the vehicles formed part of a fleet of Tecalemit service vans, the company selling tools to private motorists and garages alike. Regarding the chap with the arrow pointing to him, Peters adds:"Jack Whitton was my sister's father-in-law. He started his own business in the 1950s and along with his two sons they formed Hydrair Ltd. Now one of the world's leading companies that manufacture ink pumping systems. The name Hydrair comes from the amalgamation of HYDraulics and AIR, pneumatics. Systems on which the origins of the company are based."
Tecalemit service vans

The Jowett van of 1946 - 1953

There were three incarnations of the Jowett Bradford, the CA, CB and finally the CC, all drawing on a design that first saw light of day prior to WW2. The Bradford was introduced in 1946, and an estate car version followed in 1947. Frills were few, but in the grim post-war years simplicity, reliability and ease of maintenance were key requirements for any business owner requiring a small 5cwt or 10cwt van. Rivals of the day included Fordson's E83W and Morris' Series Y. Whereas it's rivals featured four cylinder sidevalve engines, the Jowett featured the company's own flat twin under the bonnet. Early units produced a mere 19bhp, with later versions benefiting from a jump to 25bhp.
Jowett Bradford vans
The estate car, or Utility version, offered accomodation for passengers in the rear, and extra glazing let into the van's side panels. A pickup was also available, as was a rolling chassis, and a chassis/cab option, which coachbuilders would then use as a basis for their own specific requirements. Jowett vans, while having been produced in smaller numbers than many similar vehicles of the day, can still be seen at vintage and classic events, both in the UK and overseas, as this Jowett site, hosted in NZ demonstrates. The colour photographs below show various Bradford vans that I've seen at shows in the last few years. Anyone wanting to find out more about these old Jowetts might be interested to have a look at the Jowett Car Club site.
Some preserved Bradford vans
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