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Original transport photographs
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Older Transport-related pictures Page 3.

A third page of original pics showing cars, vans and more.

This photo archive section is growing all the time, with a combination of pictures sent in by visitors to the website, and other from my own collection.

Many photographs were not necessarily of the cars themselves when originally taken, but just parked in the background or driving by. Of course as time goes by, the reason for taking a picture may become less clear, leaving just the easily identifiable elements in the photograph for us to look at. Any picture that features one or more older vehicle(s) in view is good enough for me - I'm always looking in junk shops and so on, trying to find more interesting stuff to put on here. As more old houses get cleared, I'd expect more interesting material to come to light. Sadly many great photos must get chucked in a skip when a house is cleared, or someone decides to downsize their home and simpy no longer have space to store old photos. If you have anything that might fit in well with these pages, please please drop me a line and don't throw those old pics out!

All the photos are added on a 'first come first serve' basis, i.e. as and when I get them. Along with my own photos, this page will also feature some great images from the late 1960s, showing street scenes from Mirfield. Thanks to Eric, who runs the Mirfield Memories site, for ok'ing their reproduction here.

Latest photos!

Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Fordson 5cwt
5cwt Fordson/Thames E494C vans (13 pics)

  Morris J Type sound van
Morris J-Type / JB vans & Utilecon (8 pics)

  Humber tourer
1920s Humber touring cars inc 14/40 (5 pics)

Morris Z delivery van
Morris Z Van used to deliver Pink Paraffin, plus GPO vans (5 pics)

  Morris Series Y van
Morris Y Van & Austin K8 paraffin vans (3 pics)

  Austin Cambridge
Austin A55 Cambridge Mk2 (5 pics)

Morris Oxford MO saloon
Morris Oxford MO car (9 pics)

  Ford Anglia & Prefect 100E
Ford 100E Anglia & Prefect (8 pics)

  Zeppeling airship
Zeppelin flies over Kent garage in the 1930s (3 pics)

Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect E493A & the Australian A493A (8 pics)

  Foden lorry and other vehicles
Foden cement mixer, HA, FB, D Series, Vauxhall Viscount + (2 pics)

  A Whittle's breadvan and Leyland Atlantean
FG bread van, Mk2 Cortina, Leyland Atlanteans & Riley 4/72 (2 pics)

A40 ute
Austin A40 Coupe Utility (1 pic)

  Packard 8
Packard Eight (straight 8) (1 pic)

  Rover P6
Road & traffic scenes (3 pics)

Dodge touring sedan in 1923 (1 pic)

  Rover 8
Rover 8 from the 1920s (11 pics)

  Lots more road scenes
Road views, inc Jensen CV8 (6)

Ford Consuls and other cars
Mk2 Ford Consuls, Mk1 Transit, delivery vans & other cars (2 pics)

  Austin Allegros and other BL Cars
Allegros & other British Leyland cars at Central Garage (3 pics)

  Dodge Six
A 1930s Dodge Six saloon seen in the 1960s/1970s (2 pics)

Model BB Ford truck?
Great old American truck, Model BB Ford perhaps?? (1 pic)

  Vulcan lorries
A Vulcan lorry parked outside a pub, plus a WW1 ambulance (3)

  Ford Anglia
Colour & b/w photos of the 105E Ford Anglia (road/rally) (5 pics)

Vauxhall Magnum rally car
Photos of Chrissie Ashford, Raylor Rally, Vauxhall Magnum (2 pics)

  Vauxhall Chevette HS
Vauxhall Chevette HS rally cars, inc Jimmy McRae & David Thompson

  Bullnose Morris tourer
Bullnose Morris Cowley & Oxford (20 pics)

SRN4 hovercraft
HoverLloyd SRN4 & BUA VA-3 hovercraft (2 pics)

  Ford Model Y
Ford Model Y advertising or delivery vans from 1936ish (3 pics)

  Morris Fire Engine
Dennis & Morris Commercial AFS fire engines in WW2 (2 pics)

Morris J Type
Geoff Duke, a Morris J Type van, and an Eccles caravan (1 pic)

  Salmson sportscar
Two French Salmson sportscars, including a VAL3 (3 pics)

  Citroen DS
Photographs showing the Citroen DS, Pallas & Safari (4 pics)

Lancia Zagato Fulvia
Lancia Fulvia Zagato sports press photograph (1 pic)

  Rover 8
Rover 8 tourer (4 pics)

  VW Type 4
Volkswagen Type 4 411 press photos (2 pics)

Milk tankers used by Newhall Dairies Ltd
Foden & Thornycroft tankers at Newhall Dairies Ltd (5 pics)

  Ford Model T
Ford Model T Landaulet & tourers (6 pics)

  Stanley Steamer
Stanley Steamer and other vintage cars 1906 & 1913 (2 pics)

Vintage Buick tourer from 1917ish
Vintage Buicks, inc 1917 Buick tourer seen in 1918 (8 pics)

  International truck
Early 30s International loaded w/2 Allis Chalmers tractors (1 pic)

  Chevrolet Tourer
Mid 1920s Chevrolet Superior Tourer (I think) (2 pics)

1920s American taxi cabs
1920s - 1930s American taxi cabs (2 pics)

  Atom speedway racing car
Prototype Atom racing car in 1955 (2 pics)

  Citroen Ami
Citroen Ami 6 Break (estate car) (1 pic)

A40 Austin Devon cars
Photos of A40 Devons, inc a fine A40 woodie (14 pics)

  Old motorcycles
Two old motorcycles seen in the 1930s, inc a Triumph (2 pics)

  Maserati QuattroPorte
Press photo of the original Maserati Quattro Porte (1 pic)

Auto Union / Audi saloon
Auto Unions of very different appeal and design.. (2 pics)

  LD chocolate delivery van
A smart Lindt Morris LD with its uniformed driver (1 pic)

  Lancia Fulvia HF
1.6 HF version of the Lancia Fulvia sportscar (1 pic)


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