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See Homepage. This page: Four veteran touring cars photographed circa 1913/1914, including a Model 87 Stanley Steamer.
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1. Stanley Steamer and other American cars at a parade.

Two different Stanley Steamers now feature on this page. Firstly, this photo from America which shows four vintage cars, which look like they've been decorated for a local parade or fete?
Stanley steam car and other cars
My knowledge of early American cars leaves a lot to be desired, but after reading through some books I've identified the fourth car as a 'coffin nose' Stanley Steamer, a steam-driven car from the early 20th century. It is registered as VT 306, which (according to this registration numbers website) is a Vermont plate. The heavily decorated car alongside is registered VT 4461, with a date I think of 1913. The car on the far left is registered VT 937. Can anyone identify the other 3 cars in this photograph? and perhaps suggest what event the cars were going to take part in?

The Stanley brothers first began production of steam cars as a hobby rather than a business, in 1897, but such was the interest in their steam-powered cars that they were soon upping production to keep up with demand. Just a few years into production (1907) a streamlined Stanley Steamer was taken to Daytona beach where it reached an impressive 127+mph. Even the road-going Gentleman's Speedy Roadster could manage a heroic 75+!
1917 would be the final year that both brothers remained in charge of their company, with the company finally being taken over by the Steam Vehicle Corporation of America in the early twenties, although they too went under in 1927, taking the Stanley marque with them.

Close-up views of the four cars.

If you can i.d. any of these cars, please drop me a line. Note that they are all fitted with balloon tyres, and have their hoods folded (must have been a nice day!).
Old American car American touring car
Heavily decorated car Stanley Steamer
More info on the Stanley Steamer and motor carriages can be found on and

More info on this particular Stanley Steamer.

Kelly Williams from the Stanley Register dropped me a line in 2009 about this photo, with some detailed information on the Stanley shown above: "It's a 1912 Stanley Model 87, a 30 hp 7 passenger touring car, serial #6624. In 1913 it was owned by Charles E. Scribner of Jericho, VT and carried Vermont license number 306. There are 2 other photos of this car on page 238 of 'The Stanley Steamer', by Kit Foster, which book happens to appear in the Amazon advertisement on your web page!" Thanks very much for the extra information.

A 1906 Stanley Steamer seen in 1954.

The second Stanley Steamer to appear on this page is a 1906 example, photographed in the UK in 1954 whilst competing in the Anglo American Car Rally. It belonged to Mr Paul Tusek, of Power Point, Ohio USA, and the event programme confirms the car's date. The Steamer was fitted with a 20hp twin-cylinder simple expansion steam engine, mounted horizontally in unit with the back axle. The vertical boiler measured some 23 inches in diameter. In its day this car was known as the "Gentleman's Speedy Roadster", being a lightweight version of the contemporary tourer model.
1906 Stanley steam car
For 1906 the Stanley Steamer was a swift machine indeed, capable of some 70mph+, with enough grunt to show a clean pair of tyres to all but the costliest racers of the time. Mr Tusek bought the Stanley in 1952, and two years later shipped it to the UK in order to compete in the Rally. Note the jerry cans strapped to the car's running board.
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