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See Homepage. This page: Photographs of more 105Es, including a souped-up Anglia and a rally prep'd 105E in the 1960s.
Original transport photographs
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1. Modified Ford Anglia 105E in the 1960s

Alan, whose collectable toys feature elsewhere on this site, also sent this great photo of an Anglia he owned in his youth..
colour photo of a Ford Anglia 105E
About this Anglia he says.. "One of my many cars from when I was younger, a bog standard 105E with 5 1/2J steel wheels, chromed anti tramp bars, and the exhaust coming out under the driver's door. It was painted in metallic blue, with a matt black bonnet and vinyl roof."
Thanks for sending that wonderful photograph in, somehow the colours in these older photographs really set off images of older cars in their heyday. Eagle-eyed viewers will have already spotted a smart AEC lorry parked behind the 105E Angle-box too, I wonder what happened to that? The wide steel wheels on the 105E look like those found on the Lotus Cortina, a popular 'mod' back in the 60s and 70s. Whereas young drivers now shell out thousands on 'uprating' Saxos and other tinny euroboxes, 30+ years ago it was Minis, Anglias and Imps that were popular with the tuning element!

2. Peter's 105E Anglia.

A number of Peter's fab colour photos appear on the site now, and amongst them was this fine image, showing his 1964 105E Anglia that he and his cousin bought specially for a trip to Norway. At the time Peter owned a Sunbeam Alpine, but he had his doubts about whether it'd survive the trip, hence the co-purchase of the Ford Anglia. The photo was taken in 1972.
Another colour photo of a Ford 105E Anglia

3. A 1965 registered 105E rally car.

A couple of photos now from a batch I bought, both show a 1965 105E (FFH 585C) prepared for competition - mainly for rallying by the look of it. The front view shows the Anglia plastered in mud. The bonnet and upper wings have been painted in matt black, to cut down on glare. A number of extra lamps have also been fitted, as have 5.5J rims from a Lotus Cortina (like those on Alan's 105E at the top of the page). A number of motor club badges are fitted to the grille, including one for the AA and, to it's left, a 750 Motor Club (750MC) badge. Racing mirrors are also fitted, as is a supplementary tie-down for the bonnet. A second interior rearview mirror is also in place. Parked in the background is another 105E, plus a Morris Minor.
A rally prepared 105E Ford Anglia
Below another view of the same Anglia, this time from the rear. Note the over-centre rubber catches fitted to the bootlid, the wired fuel filler cap, a Lucas Fogranger lamp to aid reversing in the dark, and the STP oils sticker. Just visible inside, a sporty steering wheel and a map reading lamp on the dashboard.
Rear view of the Anglia

4. A 1966 Anglia prepared for competition.

Another Anglia now, possibly photographed at the same event. The registration is partially obscured (--- 555D) unfortunately, but again it has been converted into a rally car. Extra lamps are in place, as are 5.5Js (although this time fitted with Town & Country tyres). Instead of a second interior mirror, this car has a Helphos suction lamp fitted inside the screen. These are now popular with VW fans, but were originally designed to be used at night in any car, when driving on unlit roads at night. The lamp could be angled from inside the car, to pick out road signs, and it wasn't long before this handy gadget was pressed into service on road rallies such as this one.
Another Ford 105E ready to take part in a rally
For anyone interested in racing or tuning Anglias, this old 105E Anglia photo, from an African rally, might be of interest! A fine b/w photo of an Anglia parked in a British driveway, can be seen here. If light commercials are more your thing, then there is also a photo of an Anglia-derived van, known as the Ford Thames 307E, in the vintage gallery.
The upload below contains footage of a tired looking 105E spotted in 2023, followed by snapshots of Anglias at shows etc.
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