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See Homepage. This page: Images of 1960s' cars & lorries in sixties Britain.
Original transport photographs
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Period road & street scenes - 1960s

Shown below is a further selection of car and lorry photographs that appear on Eric's Mirfield Memories website, and used here with his permission. They are all on the same road, from different positions on the pavement. I don't know why these images were taken, perhaps someone was monitoring traffic levels in the town?

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Road photo No.1

Triumph Herald
Picture 1 of this set shows a variety of classic road transport. Starting from the left, is a Mk2 Cortina parked alongside a Mk3 Zephyr 6. In the distance a Leyland FG lorry is coming towards us - hopefully the Morris Traveller gets a move on and manages not to drive into the side of the parked Mk1 Escort. Closer to us is an Austin/Morris LD van, an 1100, and a Herald convertible.

Road photo No.2

AEC & Leyland lorries
The 2nd photo shows the same stretch of road. A dark coloured 1100 is driving away, with an 'Ergomatic' cab'd AEC lorry coming up the road, passing the parked Leyland FG bread van, owned by Whittle's Bread. Two more 1100s appear in this photograph, a parked white example, and a dark 4dr ADO16 driving past. This is a reminder that the 1100/1300 range of cars was a best-seller through most of the decade.

Update: Keith in Spain contacted me about the Leyland van in this photo: "I saw the bread van at Mirfield, you're right on the model known as the 'threepenny bit' cab, and is of interest to me. Whittles Bakery was in Littleborough Lancs, it was taken over by Allied Bakeries, and as time passed the fleet was changed, and the livery became BLAND, the original company ran a fleet of Bedfords (O-Types?) with a black red and gold livery. I knew a driver on the Yorkshire run, Keith Taylor, and that could well be him in the photo, obviously I used to live in Littleborough, hence the interest".

Road photo No.3

Dodge tipper lorry
Nearest the camera is a Triumph TR4A sportscar, stopped behind a parked Morris Minor van. Pottering by is an upright Ford 103E Popular, narrowly missing a Dodge tipper belonging to Melvyn Pickles. At the roadside is a 105E Anglia, a Victor, and Mk1 Mini.

Road photo No.4

Morris Oxford
Further down the road towards the chimney, and we get a view of an ESSO garage on the lefthandside, with a DER electrical shop a little further up. In the distance is a Consul Classic being passed by a coach, and an 1800 pulling out from a side road. Parked is another Minor van, a Herald saloon (note the angle of the back suspension), a Morris Oxford, and back end of a Mk1 Cortina. All British built cars...

Road photo No.5

Rover P6
A similar photo to the last one, but a different cast of 'characters'. A Fox's biscuits delivery van (reg. GWT 199C) is parked on the left, being passed by an early P6 Rover 2000 (AUG 222C). Another early P6 is heading in the other direction. The same three cars are still parked on the right.

Road photo No.6

Jensen C-V8 CV8
One last photo in this set, shows a delivery wagon GRN 238F on the left, with a petrol tanker driving down the road. Just squeezing by is a Brooke Bond Tea AEC lorry, itself narrowly missing a Wolseley 16/60, Mk1 Mini, and something altogether more exotic. The dark coloured sporting GT is a Jensen C-V8 (CV8), registration 2U. I'd love to know who owned this great car, especially with such a distinctive numberplate affixed to it. Does the car still exist? these Jensens had a fibreglass body over a separate steel chassis, and were powered by a Chrysler V8.

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