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See Homepage. This page: An early photograph from America of an antique Buick touring car, plus a selection of other Buicks.
Original transport photographs
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1. Washington-registered vintage Buick

Firstly, another image found in a bundle of pics bought from the States, this one showing a cheerful chap in his (or his dad's!) new Buick tourer..
1917 Vintage Buick car
I scanned this car photo in at high resolution initially, to confirm that this is indeed a Buick from the pre-1920 vintage era. Having had a look at other photos of really early Buicks on, I'm pretty sure that this is a 1917 Buick. A small handwritten note on the photograph, directly over the driver's running board, says '1918', and the license plate is dated 1919. The full details on the plate are WN 47002 X-19, WN being the code for Washington State. I believe that the plate would have had a yellow background, with black lettering.

2. Another example of vintage Buick tourer.

I think this Buick may be a little later than the example shown above, probably circa 1920/21, but if anyone can date this one accurately please let me know.
Vintage Buick tourer

3. Buick saloons.

Next, two early photographs both I believe showing the same Buick saloon (or "sedan"). The first image shows a group gathered alongside the car, and the second with a lady behind the wheel, children peering out from the back.
1920s Buick Sedan
1925 / 1926 Buick ?

4. A vintage Buick outside Gravesend Railway Station.

Handily, an ink-written note on the rear of this photo confirms where this particular Buick was photographed. The date was July 6th 1929, and the group with their Buick were photographed outside Gravesend Station. Mr Beach, probably the smart Gent on the right, was setting off en route for New York. Just visible on the wall behind, is an advert for Mazawattee Tea.
Buick at Gravesend station

5. A 1925/6 Buick Model 35 tourer.

The location - somewhere in England. The car - an early 1920's Buick tourer, quite possibly a c1925 Model 35. The chap to the right, stood on his own, sports a fine-looking hat, while the ladies to the left are equally well turned out in their appearance. Just visible on the Buick's radiator is an early-pattern AA badge. Note the auster screens fitted behind the front seats, to protect those sat in the rear compartment from undue buffeting at higher velocities.
A 1925/1926 Buick tourer

6. Buick tourer.

No licence plate is visible, so the country of location for this next Buick photo - featuring a righthand drive Buick tourer - will remain unknown, Australia or possibly South Africa are the most likely candidates I would imagine.
Another vintage Buick

7. A saloon (sedan) in Britain.

While poor in both condition and technique, the following photo deserves inclusion on this vintage Buicks page because of the content in it. The buildings in the background suggest a British driveway setting for this snapshot of a RHD Buick saloon (sedan). I think it had just been purchased, a close look at the front of the car reveals a period trade plate hanging over the likely position of its original registration plate, ahead of the radiator. Clearly its owner was interested in early cars. To the right is the front wheel and mudguard for a smaller car with disc wheels (possibly a Singer), while another pre-war car can also be made out, parked alongside the lofty Buick. Two garage doors are open in the background, I wonder what gem(s) were hidden away in there? I also wonder what the neighbours made of this collection of ageing delights, possibly occupying what was once the property's front garden?
A 1920s Buick saloon car
A photo of a later, mid 1930s, Series 60 Buick roadster can be found on this page, and several pictures of a 1927 Buick living in Australia are here.
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