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See Homepage. This page: Super original photograph of a Series Y Morris van, parked next to other company vans.
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Morris Z & Y Van, plus an Austin K8.

Rob originally dropped me a line, and sent me a close-up photo of a Z Series van, which features on this page. He then sent a larger photograph that better shows two other vehicles that appeared in the same line-up of classic delivery vans, namely a Series Y Morris van, and the larger '3 way' Austin K8 on the far right.

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All the vans together

Morris 10cwt Series Y van

I've cropped this larger image down, to show the Y van and K8 as clearly as possible - firstly the Morris Y Van, registration GLN 571:
Morris Y 10cwt van
If you saw a Series Y drive past, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it as a Ford, so similar at first glance as they are.

Going back a little, the previous Morris 10 van, the Series II, pre-dated the Dagenham product somewhat by first appearing in 1935, compared to 1938 for the Fordson 10cwt. Again as would be seen on the Ford, the Morris Series II featured a semi-forward control layout, with the engine offset to the passenger side, the spare wheel hidden behind a drop down panel at the rear, and a centre throttle pedal. Early Morris vans had wire wheels, which were later replaced by Easiclean steel disc rims, and came with a smart chrome grille. Production of this model, fore-runner of the Series Y, ended in 1939, with the new model being announced shortly afterwards.

In 1945, production of the new Series Y can got into full swing, powered by the 11.9hp engine, and looking very similar to the Ford 10cwt as already mentioned.

Austin K8 three way van

Last in this line-up of classic commercials is another rare beast now, the K8 Austin:
Austin K8 van
This large van was also pressed into the delivery of Pink Paraffin to the locals, and had a much larger cargo area than the smaller Morris vans alongside. More information on the K8 threeway van can be found on this owner's club website (external link), with more photographs and info on the K8 also available to view here at oldclassiccar, for example in this K8 owner's story, and elsewhere in this vintage motoring photographs section. Thanks again to Rob for sending the pics over!

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