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See Homepage. This page: Morris J Type photos provided by R.G. Jones Sound Engineering, plus a Utilecon and other vans.
Original transport photographs
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1. Morris J-Type outside broadcast / PA vans.

Firstly, two J-Type vans used by R.G. Jones. Sarah at R.G. Jones contacted me, asking if I could put her in touch with owners of these classic Morris vans. She also sent over these scans, and approved them being shown here (thanks!). They both show J-Types, one registration SPJ 714, and the other UPJ 823.
Morris J Van
The first photo, in black and white, shows a Morris J Type sound van, with four enormous horn loudspeakers mounted on the roof (you could easily lose a pigeon or two if they flew in while the van was moving!). The signwriting is very nicely done - "We only do it if it's SOUND" adorns the roof structure, with "High Fidelity Sound Specialist" emblazoned down the van's flat sides.
classic J-Type sound van
The second image, this time in colour, shows sister Morris van UPJ 823 participating in a youth event - perhaps a school sports day? This J-Type has a painted front bumper, whereas the van shown further up has a smart chrome affair. Nice to see that the dog has grabbed one of the two wooden chairs! I'd guess that the photo dates to the late 1950s, or perhaps early 60s.
Big thanks to R.G.Jones for ok'ing the showing of these outside broadcast /PA vans here!

2. A Morris J Type Utilecon.

Next on this J-Type page, a photograph of the now-rare Utilecon, or estate, version of the Morris 10cwt van. The driver is shown behind the wheel of this 'J', with the door slid back. Many vans received DIY rear window conversions, but this one looks like a proper Martin Walter Utilecon conversion. Sadly the registration plate isn't fully visible, and I've not been able to make out the location of the church in the background.
Morris J Type Utilecon van

3. Morris delivery vans in Devon.

In April 2010 Steve dropped me a line, with this next set of classic Morris van photographs. They all show vehicles that his Uncle, Basil Dyer, used in the course of his business around Lympstone, in Devon. The first view shows Basil stood alongside a Morris J Type, registration OOD 712, in October 1957. This registration series ran from June 1953. Note the BMC Drivers' Club badge on the grille - Steve also mentions that his father used to edit various BMC magazines, including Sidelights magazine, the Drivers' Club publication.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Morris J Type delivery van in 1957
The second of Steve's family photos shows Basil and Joyce Dyer stood alongside a different J, RCO 665. The style of MORRIS badge, and the fact that this Plymouth registration series commenced in April 1959, confirms that this is a later, OHV-engined, Morris JB.
Morris JB van
Photo #3 in this set again shows Basil and Joyce, stood alongside RCO 665 in August 1961. Note the Commercial "C" licence in the side window. The Morris was used to deliver groceries around Lympstone and beyond, some of the stock carried in the van can just be made out.
Morris JB grocery van
The following photo really sums up a typical van's life during the 1950s and 1960s. The JB is seen here, with its owner, delivery groceries to Mrs Baggins of Lympstone. A box of Heinz tomato ketchup, and other tasty goodies, can be seen loaded inside the van.
Groceries being sold from the back of the van
The last of Steve's photos shows Basil, along with his niece, preparing for another round of deliveries. Thanks to Steve for allowing me to reproduce these great old photos on this page!
Preparing the van for another delivery

More about the Morris J Type van.

The J-Type Morris first broke cover at Earls Court, in October 1948, and went in to production proper in 1949. It had a forward control layout, with the engine offset to the passenger side, allowing best use of the available load space for the vehicle's overall length. Sliding doors were fitted on both sides, and headlamps mounted externally, on top of the steel wings (apart from on the rubber winged GPO versions). Initially the van was powered by a 4 cylinder sidevalve engine, as used in the MO Oxford saloon, which was replaced later in production (early '57) by the OHV B series engine, the model now being known as the JB. A four speed gearbox replaced the earlier van's three speed unit. An Austin-badged version, the 101, with a slightly different grille, was also produced.

J-Type photo compilation.

In the following video I've compiled a collection of images featuring the Morris J-Type and Austin 101 vans. Some are in-period black & white photos, others that I've photographed over the years in various locations. Several were taken at the J-Type Register gatherings that took place at Tatton Park classic car show in Cheshire for many years, scanned from my old 35mm print photos.

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