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See Homepage. This page: Classic cars and other vehicles in this 60s street scene.
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Three more street photos from Mirfield

The three photos below are reproduced from the Mirfield website - thanks to Eric for ok'ing their use here.

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Ford Transit and other vehicles driving along

Ok, first up is the picture above, showing various vehicles negotiating a bend in the road. Near to the photographer is a pedestrian crossing, controlled by Belisha beacons. A little further away, next to the gent on the left, is a 'Police No Waiting' sign, which in all three photos is neatly ignored by a variety of cars that park next to it. From the left, is Bedford HA van (BHD 301C) with a Ford 315 Consul Classic in front of it. JKY 568F is a Mk2 Cortina driving away from us, and alongside is a Mk1 Transit van, registered HCX 567D, with another one just visible behind, facing away. Parked at the pavement outside Hewitt's Food Fayre, with a chap leaning across inside from the passenger side, is another Mk2 Cortina, registered LVH 242E, and is fitted with a period roofrack. A third Mk2 can just be seen to the right.

Bedford HA van parked on the road

The second photo is taken at a different time, but probably on the same day. The HA and Consul are still parked next to the houses being repaired. A light-coloured Mk2 Cortina and Mk1 Trannie van are parked some distance away. The same dark Mk2 Ford is parked on the right, this time with the driver sat in his seat, and now has a fastback Sunbeam Alpine for company, and a Reliant Supervan III parked behind (based on the 3 wheel Regal 'saloon').

P6 Rover saloon

The final photo in this set of three, shows a G registration Rover 2000 (P6 type) parked at the side of the road (reg. JJX 105G), with the Consul Classic in front (but this time facing away from us). Driving behind the disappearing double decker bus is Vauxhall Victor FC 101 registration NXD 447E, while coming the other way is a Mk3 Zephyr or Zodiac registration HVH 722D from 1966. In the background is another bus, I think this time a Bristol Lodekka. Parked at the kerb is a Farina-shape Austin Cambridge, and in the distance a Karrier wagon.

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