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See Homepage. This page: Cars, vans and lorries photographed in the late 1960s.
Original transport photographs
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A typical street scene from the late 60s

Both the photos on this page are reproduced from the Mirfield website (thanks Eric), and I think date to 1969 or thereabouts.

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Foden cement lorry and many cars

The first picture contains a great selection of vehicle, both parked, and driving along the road. Starting from the left, is a dark painted Bedford HA van, which was the light commercial variant of the Vauxhall HA Viva saloon. Parked in front of the HA is a D registration Hillman Minx, registration CHD 578D. Note the learner's L plate stuck onto the bootlid. The Minx is parked close to what looks like a Vauxhall FB Victor, with a BMC 1100 just visible in front of that. Double parked, and facing the oncoming traffic, is a D Series Ford lorry (reg. UYG 326F). Squeezing by the badly parked Ford is another Dagenham product, this time a small 307E (Anglia) Ford van, owned by an electricals company I'd completely forgotten about - D-E-R (TMO 531F). The 307E is pursuing a C registration - 1965 - Hillman Minx, and a pair of public service vehicles (PSVs). Heading towards us is a 'Mickey Mouse' cab Foden cement mixer, the lorry being owned by the Cement Marketing Company, and registered AAT 759B. In the far distance, parked, is a Mk1 Cortina, and nearest the camera, a 1098 Morris Minor.

Ford D Series lorry

The second photo, which was taken on the same day, still shows the parked HA van, FB Victor, 1100 and D Series truck. This time there is a double decker heading away from us, being pursued by what I think is an E registration Vauxhall Viscount.

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