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See Homepage. This page: An interesting story from George, whose father is shown with 2 vintage motorcycles.
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Classic Triumph motorcycle back in the 1930s.

George, who often drops me a line, sent over these two photographs which show the same location, but separated by 70 years or so..

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The first shows his father sat on a British motorbike to the left (reg. RX 4134), with Triumph (reg. BND 208) on the right:

".. my Dad when he was 20 out on one of his many bikes with his sister on pillion. Thats his other sister on the other bike, it must have been great days on those quiet roads in the 1930's".

Triumph motorcycle in the 30s The photograph was taken in a lane outside the family farm (not visible in this view), some time in the 1930s. By an amazing coincidence, George's sister has now moved back into the self same farm:

"A funny thing happened recently, my sister (62) has recently bought a new home in Arborfield and it just happens to be the farmhouse my Dad moved out of in 1938! In talks with Mary and Phylis and looking at the photos, its clear that the bike photo was taken the other side of the lane and shows another old house behind and you will see how it was in the old photograph, and how it is now! I have to say it looked neater in the 1930's. The hedges, that 'in-style' extension, aerials, power lines and modern housing does seem to spoil the look now."

The same lane in Arborfield, some 70 years later

Thanks for the photos George, perhaps someone more savvy about vintage motorcycling than I, can identify the old bikes shown in the first photo? I wonder if either of the bikes survive?

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