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See Homepage. This page: Original photograph issued to the press showing the Zagato coupe version of the Fulvia.
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1960s/70s Lancia Fulvia Zagato picture

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Lancia Zagato
Lancia Fulvia
Lancia wing badge
Lancia Zagato
Lancia Fulvia Zagato
Here's another press photo from the files, this time of the Italian Lancia Fulvia, here bodied by the Italian coachbuilder Zagato, in a fastback style.

The information given on the back of this photograph is as follows:

"FULVIA ZAGATO SPORT, the Sports version of the Fulvia. The Zagato Sport has a lightweight, aerodynamic body that combines elegance with a very lively performance.

Price including Purchase Tax: 2166.18.0d."

The Fulvia Zagato was built between 1967 and 1972, and would have had one of two Lancia V4 engines under the bonnet. Despite its looks, the engine fitted was 1.2, then 1.3, litres in size, and produced 80 to 93bhp depending on spec. The Fulvia Sport of 1970 put out 115bhp from an enlarged 1.6 engine. Power was transmitted via a 5 speed gearbox to the front wheels, as on the standard Lancia Fulvia coupes.

Enthusiasts of this classic Lancia are well served, with plenty of information and books available on the subject. UK fans can join the Lancia Motor Club to find out more about Fulvias of all shapes and specifications, including those by Zagato.

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