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See Homepage. This page: Post-vintage Dodge car owned by Eric in the 1960s & 1970s.
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Circa 1935 Dodge DU New Value Six.

Eric sent over the Dodge photographs shown below, a classic he owned in the 1960s.
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Dodge Sedan

1930s Dodge Six
Eric adds: "Thought this might be interesting. I took my Dodge in to the garage because I had a rattle somewhere near the front nearside. They said they'd send someone out to have a look. Well I was astounded when this bloke came out talk about starting them young, still he found what it was, it was a baby's bottle that we had mislaid some weeks before.
1930s Dodge Six
The photo was taken around 1970/71. I bought this car in the mid sixties for ten quid and I drove it home, did a lot of work on it but never got round to finishing, I was a lot younger then and brasic, so I sold it to pay the rates on our house to a student.
I'm not sure what model it was it had Dodge brothers on the badge and I think it was around 1935, it was a straight six - not sure what horses, it had twin sidemounts, and suicide rear doors. When we bought it it was grey with no shine at all, I was going to respray it - my wife rubbed some of the grey lightly with a brillo, underneath it was a lovely light blue so we did the whole car and it looked real smart, would like to know for sure what model it was, and I wish I had it now!"
Thanks for the photos and story Eric!!
A period shot of a slightly earlier, 1933, Dodge DP-series Coupe can be seen here.

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