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Austin Allegros & other British Leyland cars

Three more photos originally published on Eric's Mirfield Memories site, and used here with permission. Shown here is Central Garage, which at the time was an Austin Rover (former British Leyland) garage/dealership in the 1970s, with a variety of Austins, including Allegros, on sale.

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Examples of Austin Allegro - British Leyland heaven!!!

Austin Allegro saloon and estate
British Leyland cars
Firstly is this black and white photo showing a line-up of British Leyland (BL) cars, parked up at the Central Garage dealership. Alongside is a smaller picture, showing the same BL cars but parked differently. Note the BL and Texaco fuel signs in the background.

Interestingly the cars have consecutive numberplates - OJX 1T is a Vanden Plas Allegro, OJX 2T is an Austin Allegro saloon (perhaps an HL with the vinyl roof?), OJX 3T is a Mini Clubman estate, OJX 4T is an Allegro estate, and OJX 5T an SD1 Rover. You can just make out the Supercover sticker in each windscreen, which was the name of the BL warranty cover that came with Austins and so on in the 70s.

In the background is a row of shops, including Nora's Coats & Gowns. Two doors down is a curious shop, with a large banner asking the public to "Come in & see the Negas Glow Show" - any ideas what this means, perhaps a gas fire showroom?

Central Garage - Austin Rover dealership

Austin Rover garage
Model of the Austin Allegro:
This great high-up view shows the BL garage with all manner of cars outside. On the front row is Morris Mini Minor reg. PDM 892F (750 GBP), an R registration (XVH 65R or 66R) Vauxhall Cavalier 2dr for 3500 GBP (a model which became the Opel Manta SR), and a Fiat 131 estate for 2725 GBP. Next up is an SD1 Rover, with a distinctive registration of UJV 1.

Further up are examples of the Vauxhall Cavalier saloon, Austin Princess, and Lancia Beta Montecarlo. Perhaps these cars were part-exchanges being sold on?? In the background, I can make out a Mk4 Cortina estate, a Marina HL, Mk2 Escort, Mk2 Ford Capri, a Talbot Alpine, another SD1, a yellow and a white Triumph Dolomite. There's even a caravan for sale under the canopy!

I guess the new Austin-Rover cars were in the showroom further along. Just visible in the window is a 4dr Austin Allegro. Getting fuel at Central Garage is an old HC Vauxhall Viva, with a similarly-coloured Mk2 Escort van nearby. A green Mini can be seen on the far right, with a dark blue Cortina Mk4 at the bottom right of the photo.

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