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See Homepage. This page: A 4th page of motoring photos from years gone by!
Original transport photographs
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Byegone transport photographs Page 5.

A fourth page of transportation related images showing classic and vintage vehicles in the past.

Old photographs continue to turn up, and be featured on oldclassiccar. If you have any old images showing cars, vans, lorries or whatever in olden days, I'd really like to see them and, if possible, feature them on this website.

Identifying old photographs

Perhaps the trickiest thing to deal with when looking at photographs of old cars, truck, coaches and the like, is identifying the make and model of vehicle shown! More recent cars, say from the 1950s and 1960s, aren't usually too difficult to identify. Cars from the 1940s and before can be much more difficult to pin down, especially if the grille is obscured.

I've got quite a collection of motoring books, and they often shed light on cars that I've got photos of. Failing that a mention on the site forum can also turn up a positive id on a given vehicle. If you have photos showing a transport scene, but where you aren't sure what vehicles are being shown, by all means scan them in and email them over, and I'll see if I can help. Cars that I've not yet been able to identify often get featured in the Mystery Car photo section.

Here is another selection of early motoring photographs that have turned up....thanks to everyone who has sent in their own pictures to date, much appreciated as always! First up is a smart Mini traveller, photographed in the early 1970s and sent in by a regular visitor to this site.

More photos...

Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Morris Mini Traveller
Mk2 Morris Mini Traveller (1 pic)

  Elva BMW 160
Elva BMW GT 160 (1 pic)

  Vauxhall XVR
Vauxhall XVR concept car (2 pics)

Lancia Beta sedan
Lancia Beta 4dr Sedan (1 pic)

  Lotus 7
Lotus 7 Series 4 (1 pic)

  Wolseley 6/80
Wolseley 6/80 (inc prototype/devt images) (5 pics)

Reliant Sabre Six
Reliant Sabre 6 sportscar convertible (1 pic)

  Morris 10
A Morris 10/4, and other Series II Morris 10s & 12s (7 pics)

  1939 Chevrolet truck
1939 Chevy pickup & other trucks (4 pics)

Elva Courier
Lefthand drive Elva Courier Mk4 convertible (1 pic)

  Oldsmobile Sedanette
Oldsmobile Sedanette parked in the snow (1 pic)

  Morris saloon
Morris Minor Series 2 (early) (3 pics)

Bond Equipes
Bond Equipe GT4/GT4S (2 pics)

  British Salmson saloon
British Salmson S4 saloon (1 pic)

  Hudson car from 1949
Hudson Commodore & Super Series Club Coupe (2 pics)

Model Y Ford
Ford Model Y 2dr & 4dr (7 pics)

Humber Snipe/Super Snipes/80 tourer (3 pic)

  Bristol car
Bristol 412 (1 pic)

Morris 8hp Series E car
Morris 8 Series E (7 pics)

  Horch car
1930s Horch motorcar (1 pic)

  Buick car
1955 Buick Special 2dr (1 pic)

Hillman Minx Series III & IIIC (8 pics)

  Vauxhall Victor
Vauxhall Victor FB (1 pic)

  Renault Dauphine
Renault Dauphine car (4 pics)

Singer Vogue Mk1
Singer Vogue (1 pic)

Humber Sceptre car (4 pics)

  Sunbeam Alpine sports
Sunbeam Alpine sports (9 pics)

Austin Cambridge A60
Austin A60 Cambridge (2 pics)

  Morris 1100
Morris 1100 & 1300 (ADO16) (8 pics)

  Morris Commercial
Morris CS8/C4 truck (1 pic)

Mk1 Mini car
Mk1 Austin Mini cars (4 pics)

  Mk2 Jaguar
Jaguar Mk2 3.8 (2 pics)

  Old Estate
Estate near a cafe (1 pic)

Morris J2 van
Morris J2 vans & pickup (4 pics)

  Morris Series 3
Morris Series 3 pickup (1 pic)

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud (1 pic)

Ford Anglia
Ford Anglia 105E (9 pics)

  Derby Bentley
1935 Derby Bentley (3)

  Morris Minor S2
Morris Minor saloon (1 pic)

Ford Zephyr Mk3
Ford Zephyr Mk3 (4 pics)

  Humber Super Snipe
Humber Super Snipe I/II (1 pic)

  Singer Gazelle
Singer Gazelles (4 pics)

Austin Mini
Austin Mini Mk1 Deluxe (7 pics)

  Mk2 Consul
Ford Consul Mk2 (7 pics)

  Austin A40
Austin A40 Farina Mk1 (7 pics)

Austin 7 Ruby
Austin Seven Ruby (11 pics)

  Cars outside a pub
1960s pub car park (1 pic)

  Austin 7 at RAF Great Dunmow
Austin 7 Gordon England Cup (2)

Studebaker car
Studebaker Hawk GT (1 pic)

  Ford 103E car
Ford 103E Popular (23 pics)

  veteran Cadillac car
c1906 Cadillac tourer (1 pic)


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