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Vauxhall Victor FB saloon.

Another period black and white motoring photo, this time showing an FB Series Vauxhall Victor parked next to a pavement, somewhere in the UK during the 1960s. The car in the background is a Series III Hillman Minx, probably this one.

The FB Victor took over from the original F Type Victor in 1961, and represented a fresh new design for Vauxhall. Gone was much of the 'rock and roll' styling of the F Series, apeing many design cues from the American automobile market, and instead was replaced with an altogether simpler, cleaner, 3 box saloon design. The previous car suffered much criticism for its enthusiasm to rot from an alarmingly early age, so Vauxhall designers strove to improve matters with the FB Victor, even going to the lengths of injecting a waxy concoction into the sills, something almost unheard of with British cars of the time.

Three versions of this Victor were offered - the Standard, the Super, and the De Luxe. The Standard was really the poverty-spec version, lacking much of the chrome trim of the other models, and looking decidedly utilitarian by comparison. Judging by the chrome windscreen surround fitted to 242 FNM, the Vauxhall shown below, it was at least a Super version. Purchasers of the De Luxe could also opt for two tone paintwork if they desired, whereas go-faster types would opt instead for the rakish VX 4/90. Those who needed extra carrying capacity, perhaps to make local deliveries, or just to carry ladders on a regular basis, could opt for the roomy Victor estate, the most practical of all FBs. These Vauxhalls offered 45 cubic ft of load area, and beefed up rear suspension to cope with the anticipated heavier loads that the estate could carry.

The Vauxhall shown below seems to have been fitted with a few after-market accessories. Most obvious are the twin Lucas Fogranger lamps bolted through the front bumper blade, and two smart (Desmo ?) mirrors, one for each front wing. A closer inspection shows seat belts, and a rear screen demister panel. An aerial sprouting from the back wing suggests that this driver enjoyed music while they drove.

In the background, behind the Minx, is a walk-thru van, possibly a Morris LD or Commer.

FB Victor

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