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British Salmson

A visitor to this website dropped me a line, asking if I could identify the car shown below. I wasn't sure on this one, so posted it on my site forum, and the car was swiftly identified as a British Salmson, S4 type. Thanks to Les for ok'ing me to show the picture here.

The British Salmson company original built aero engines (it was originally set up by the French Salmson concern, switching to British ownership in 1930) , but in the early 1930s switched to making a version of the French Salmson car from their London factory (a French-built S4 can be seen here). The first cars used the chassis of the S4C Salmson, clothed with domestic coachwork in the UK. Later, cars based on the S4D and S6D would be produced until the outbreak of WW2 ended proceedings. That was it for car production, with the company finally disappearing in the 1950s. Does anyone know what happened to HH 9246 ?

British Salmson car photograph

Photograph showing a preserved British Salmson

The car below was photographed at a VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) event in 2007, and is clothed in open-top sporting coachwork, unlike the fixed-head saloon in the period photograph above. The badge is very ornate, and appears frequently on the coachwork of this car.

A sports roadster version of the British Salmson

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