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1. Mk2 Ford Consul 204E saloon.

Photograph of a Mk2 Consul
All of the cars seen in this early 1960s photograph would be welcomed at classic car shows now. Nearest the camera is a smart 2 tone Ford Consul Mk2, later incarnation of the Mk1 of course. Stateside influences were much in evidence with this era of Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac, with chrome and flashy styling contrasting markedly with more sombre offerings from some rival car manufacturers. In the background, from left to right, are the following old motors - a 105E Ford Anglia, a PA Vauxhall Cresta, a 100E Ford Squire estate car, an unidentified van (just visible above the Consul) and finally a Minx, facing the other way.

2. Colour view of a Mk2 in the 1970s.

Paul sent in the next two photos, both showing Mk2 Ford Consuls. The first image, a colour shot, looks to have been taken in the 1970s judging by the Vauxhall parked in the background. The Ford (572 PLG) still looks to be in tidy condition despite being 15-20 years old at the time of this picture. PLG is a Cheshire registration. Note the single wing mirror fitted to this car - on the passenger side!
Colour picture of a Mk2 Consul

3. A Mk2 Consul parked alongside an Austin 152.

The second of Paul's photos shows a different Mk2, reg. TUX 440 (a Shropshire registration, first used in September 1959). The car looks immaculate, with a proud young chap sat behind the wheel. Note the classic minibus in the background - an Austin 152, a re-badged version of the Morris J2.
A Ford and an Austin 152 van

4. A Consul and a Minor on a holiday.

This next shot features two fine British classics - a Morris Minor, hidden behind the group of holidaymakers, and a light-coloured Mk2 Ford Consul. Both cars have been fitted with roofracks, and look well loaded. The only other non-standard fitment on the Ford is a pair of Tex wing mirrors.
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A classic Mk2 Consul and a Minor
The Mk2 Consuls took over from the outgoing Mk1 in 1956, powered by a 4 cylinder engine of 1,703cc. Also available were the new Zodiacs and Zephyrs, which both benefited from an extra pair of cylinders and higher-spec trim levels. Convertible and estate car versions (the latter by Abbott) were also available. In '57 a Deluxe version was offered, and in '59 a revised bodyshell that featured a lower roofline (the early cars were therefore known as the 'highline' cars, and the later examples as 'lowline' cars). Production of the Mk2 ceased in 1962, by which time it was badged as the Consul 375 in line with naming of other Fords at the time.

5. A Mk2 in hot pursuit of an Arnold Dogcart.

An unlikely twosome if ever there was one, a Mk2 Consul registration XRT 255 and the 1896 Arnold Dogcart registration MT 906. Apparently the latter is the only surviving car from the Emancipation Day Run of 14th November 1896, when the motorist was freed from the burden of following a chap walking along with a red flag. It looks like this photograph was taken on a 1950's running of the RAC London to Brighton run for veteran cars. The Consul was registered in 1958, so the photograph therefore dates to that year or later.
1958 Consul and an 1896 Arnold car
Whether the Consul's occupants were acting as support crew for the ancient Arnold, or were just road users itching to get past the cranky old crock in front, isn't clear. Its owner has updated his late-50s Ford with an extra driving lamp, and judging the wing-mounted aerial, a radio. Note the cyclists pedalling furiously (or more likely in a leisurely fashion) alongside the veteran runners.

6. A Ford Consul and a Bedford CA.

Thanks to Henry for the following photograph. Two archetypal British vehicles of the 1950s are in evidence. Nearest and in full view is a c1958 Mk2 Consul, registration 5337 KH, while alongside is a 1952 Bedford CA. The garage where Henry worked at the time rented out campers, hence the CA's presence.
Ford and Bedford parked alongside each other

7. 1958/1959 Consul.

XOH 637 is the Consul in Keith Belcher's old family photo shown below. The XOH Birmingham registration series came into being in November 1958, suggesting that the four-cylinder Ford is a late 1958/early 1959 example. Magazines of the day tested this version of Consul and were able to achieve a top speed of 79mph, so a reasonable cruising speed could be achieved on the new motorways that would sprout up across the UK in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for the photo Keith.
A 1958/1959 Consul
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