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See Homepage. This page: Perhaps a policeman's car? a smart Humber Sceptre parked up and shining nicely in the sun.
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1. 1960s Humber Sceptre registration 999 YLG

Another Rootes product to feature on the site, and also sporting a distinctive registration. Whereas the accompanying photo of a Vogue has a '1' number (pic), the Humber Sceptre shown below has a '999' number, ideal for a car belonging to the boys in blue perhaps (a photo of a Sceptre actually in use with a Police force, can be seen further down this page). I've had a close look at the tax disc in the Humber's window, but can't quite make out the year number (the month was April). What happened to 999 YLG - is it still around, or did it end its days three cars high in a breaker's yard?
Humber picture
The Sceptre, just like the Vogue, was based on the Super Minx's running gear, wrapped in a sleeker bodyshell. The Sceptre came in a couple of years after the '61 debut of the other cars, and stood out thanks to its Humber grille, and larger front screen. The roofline was more rakish too, echoing the Humber's sportier nature (surprising for a marque more usually associated with stately and dignified progress). Unlike other models, the Sceptre had twin Zenith carbs (replaced by a single Solex early in '64) and a high compression cylinder head, but still fitted to the same basic 1592cc four pot engine at the launch. A sporty steering wheel also featured, as did a shorter reach gearlever. The Laycock overdrive was standard on the Humber, with an automatic Borg Warner 'box available if mixing your own cogs was too much bother.
Early Mk1 Humber Sceptre car

2. A Humber Sceptre Police car.

Now, following on from a Sceptre sporting a 999 registration, two photographs of a Humber Sceptre actually in use with a Police force (Northumberland). Ian kindly sent these and several similar Police car photographs over for inclusion on the site. XJR 262 was the one and only Sceptre to join this force, and was painted a light metallic blue colour. The "Police STOP" sign can just be made out on the car's rear parcel shelf.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Humber Sceptre Police car
This rear view of the Police Sceptre also includes a couple of other fine British cars, namely a Sunbeam Rapier, and an 1100.
Rear view of the Humber Sceptre

3. Dave's Sceptre.

Thanks now to Dave who sent in this next photo, of a Sceptre that he describes as "... the BEST car I ever owned when I lived in England - my pride and joy, my Humber Sceptre, what a great car".
A few period "mods" (modifications) have made it onto Dave's Humber. Eagle-eyed visitors will spot the aftermarket spot or fog-lamp fitted to the front bumper, a matching pair of wing mirrors, a radio aerial, and a wide clip-on interior rear-view mirror. The doors have also had small white rubber bumpers, often incorporating red reflectors, fitted to their rear edges.
Colour photo of a Sceptre
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