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See Homepage. This page: A very 1970s Bristol parked outside the company's buildings.
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Bristol 412 V8

This is a V8 Bristol 412, registered as 100 MPH and probably a press/road test car. Earlier Bristols,
such as the 403 series, were beautiful looking machines, with many echoes of aircraft design in their slippery aerodynamic shape. The 6 cylinder 406, and the V8 407, were also very easy on the eye - elegant and refined machines, a theme that carried on through the 408, 409, 410 and 411 which ended production in 1976. From there onwards, the styling of Bristol cars has been very 'individual' and, to my eyes anyway, not always that attractive! The Bristol 412 shown here is a classic example - a bespoke well-made gentleman's carriage, propelled by a mighty V8, but with looks that didn't really do the car justice. More recent offerings, like the Blenheim 3 and the Fighter, are a lot easier on the eye.

The 412, penned by Zagato, was built between 1975 and 1982. Early cars had a 6.6 litre Chrysler engine up front, but this was switched later to the 5.9. More details on the 412, and other Bristols, can be found in the Bristol Owners Club model pages.

Classic Bristol 412 car

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