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See Homepage. This page: A classic Stude seen in the early 1960s when brand shiny new.
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Studebaker Hawk parked in a driveway.

Going through some older emails I stumbled across this old pic, sent to me by Stuchamp from the site forum. It shows a smart Gran Turismo Hawk that belonged to a family friend, bought new in 1962.

Picture of a Studebaker Hawk

This version of the Studebaker Hawk was introduced in the same year, 1962, and built for just 2 years. The GT Hawk was a revised version of the older Hawk model, but now sported a large grille to appeal to the European market, resembling that found on contemporary Mercedes saloons. However despite these tweaks there was no disguising the American roots of the car's design to European eyes, and sales in Europe at least were not spectacular.

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A b&w photo of an earlier, 1956, Studebaker Flight Hawk, may now be found on this page

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