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Estate car conversion.

Les F sent this photo over, showing a typical street scene from the 1950s. The main vehicle in shot is the estate car to the right. It looks like it started out life prior to the war as a saloon, and has been converted into an estate / shooting break, which was a fairly common conversion in the day. As to what make this estate is, I'm not sure. It could even be a post-war conversion of a military Hillman 'tilly'. I wonder if the owner was sat inside Bob's Cafe, downing a quick mug of tea and a piece of toast. Perhaps he phoned ahead for a proper meal, a service that the signwriting on the building suggests was on offer to Bob's customers.

Parked down the side street is an Austin A40 Devon, with something pre-war close behind. A large sign on the wall, high up above the Devon, looks like it may be advertising Ovaltine, a drink still available today. Thanks for the pic Les!

Estate car outside a cafe

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