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See Homepage. This page: A fabulous example of the luxurious Super Snipe Series 2 parked near a row of shops.
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Immaculate Humber Super Snipe Series II.

Humber Super Snipe
I've always liked the look of these Humbers, having very nearly bought a later example of the Super Snipe myself many years ago. The Super Snipe was the mid-range big Humber of its day, the entry level car being the Hawk, and the plushest top-spec model being the Imperial. This particular car, registration 6763 K, is in immaculate condition and was obviously doted on by its owner. Many accessories adorn this Super Snipe, including extra Lucas spotlamps, twin wing mirrors, a telescopic radio aerial, an RAC badge, plus two other motoring badges. A deflector has also been fitted to the roof ahead of the sunroof aperture. The Lucas 7" headlamps also look to be upgraded items. The paintwork really glistens, and all the chromework shines like new.
In the background are various shops, the most familiar being F.W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd. in the background, latterly called Woolworths of course and now just a memory for all but the online shopper. The shop to the left stocks a great variety of garments, including waterproofs, shirts, pyjamas, underwear, donkey jackets (perhaps that's what our Humber owner had called in for??), duffle coats, cardigans and so on. Parked to the left and just in view is a Phase 1 or 2 Standard Vanguard, looking rather dirtier than the gleaming Humber on the other side of the road. Note the refreshing lack of parking restrictions in this photo, no yellow lines or clamping vans in sight.
This era of monocoque-bodied Humber first appeared in 1958. Cheapest was the 4-cylinder Hawk, understudy to the 6-cylinder Super Snipe as seen here. Initially the latter was fitted with a 2,655cc engine, but this was upgraded to 2,965 in 1959 with the launch of the Super Snipe 2. Perhaps a Humber expert can tell me which model of Humber is shown above, I or II? * The Series III of 1960 switched to a four-headlamp setup, with later variants losing the curvy back window, replaced with a more angular rear roofline. Did this Humber escape the scrapman's axe or the banger circuit? it'd be nice to think so!! As well as being available as a saloon, a cavernous estate car could also be specified.

* More information on the Series 2 Humber.

Chris contacted me, confirming that the car above is a Series 2 Super Snipe, and adds the following information and his recollections of a similar car owned by his father:
"I have just discovered your web-site, and am replying to a query you left - which may well have been answered by someone else ages ago! - about the Humber Super Snipe reg. no. 6763 K. It is definitely a Series II car, identifiable by the broadening 'flash' down each side, by the smaller number of horizontal bars in the radiator grille than in the Series I cars, and by the word H U M B E R in chrome letters across the front of the bonnet. (Series I cars had a smaller red and chrome badge instead, mounted a bit lower down.)"
"My father had the estate version of the Series II from 1960 to 1968, with the nice number plate LFB 34, and it was his favourite car. I now have a Series III saloon of 1962 - a model which appeared in the autumn of 1960 and was thus the first production British car with quad headlamps. I have a great interest in British cars of the 'fifties and 'sixties, particularly the family saloons rather than the sports cars, and I also own a Singer Gazelle Series IIIA convertible (similar to another of your photos) and am about to acquire a Renault 16TS of 1969. Starting from 1990, others I have previously owned and now sold include a Citroen DS, an MG 1100, a Vanden Plas Princess 1300, a Lanchester LD10 cabriolet, a Sunbeam Rapier Series IV, a Humber Super Snipe Series V, two P4 Rovers - a 95 and a 100 - and a Singer Gazelle Series V. The turnover is now going to slow down, I hope!"
Thanks for the Humber information!
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