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Original transport photographs
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1. Hudson 6 Commodore

Hudson brochure cover
This was another old photo that came in batch of images from the States a while back. Someone on the site forum identified the car for me, as a c1949 Hudson Commodore - either a '6', or 'Super 6' he wasn't quite sure which. The Commodore 6 has an inline six cylinder engine, of just under 4.3 litres in capacity. Quoted power was 121 bhp, powering the rear wheels via a 3 speed auto gearbox. Perhaps the Hudson's most distinctive feature to passers-by, was its low-slung bodywork. This came about thanks to the floorpan being mounted low down in the chassis frame, rather than above it. Occupants therefore stepped down into the Hudson, rather than up as with most cars of the era.
Hudson Commodore

2. 1948 Hudson Super Series Club Coupe.

The following old photo also came in a batch of similar pictures bought by myself a few years ago. Handily someone thought to pen a note on the reverse, identifying the car and year for me: "This is my 1948 Hudson car, I have just traded it in for a 1950 model". Checking around in original sales catalogues for 1948 confirm this car as being a Super Series Club Coupe. Super-Six and Super-Eight versions were available, depending on whether a 121hp six- or 128hp eight-cylinder engine nestled beneath the car's bonnet, or "hood".
Note the radio aerial fitted to the Hudson's roof, the width marker fitted to the wheelarch, and the pillar-mounted adjustable spotlight. It also sports an Ohio licence plate, dated 1948.
Behind it is a wall-mounted advertisement. Part of the slogan is visible: "where THRIFTY BUYERS meet ..." and the rest is obscured by the car. There's an illustration of a chap bowling along in an open-top car. Then to the right, behind the Hudson's windscreen, is the top of a petrol pump, on top of which is a glass globe that reads REO H....?
Does REO refer to the truck manufacturer? Or is it an abbreviation for Real-Estate Owned homes? The word beneath REO on the poster could well be HOMES.
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1948 Hudson Club Coupe in Ohio
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