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See Homepage. This page: Press photograph showing the Reliant Sabre Six with its roof folded down.
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The Reliant Sabre Six.

Further down is a press photograph showing Reliant's shapely 2 seater sports car, the Sabre Six. The curvy shape of the Sabre can trace its lineage back to the days of Ford-based special building in the late 50s and early 60s. The basic shape featured in the Ashley range of Ford specials, which itself was available in fixed-head or open-top body styles. It was this design that Reliant adapted for its own uses, but echoes of the original Ashley design are much in evidence (see photos of my Ashley 1172 as a comparison). Shown below is the convertible version of the Reliant Sabre.
The info printed on the back of the picture says "The Reliant Sabre 6 Sports provides luxury 120mph motoring for a basic price of less than 850 GBP. Shown in production form at this year's London Motor Show, the Sabre Six is available in soft or hard-top form."
The first Sabres appeared in 1961, in open-top form, powered by the four-cylinder Ford Consul engine. Disc brakes and rack & pinion steering featured on the car, offering an inexpensive route to sportscar motoring for the masses. Remember the 2 seat Spitfire and MGB were still not yet available to the public, so the Sabre beat both MG and Standard-Triumph to market with this shapely, fibreglass-bodied, car. In '62 the coupe version would be launched, but only just over 200 examples of the Sabre 4 were built.
Later that same year the six cylinder version was introduced, injecting the car with a useful lump of grunt, thanks to its six cylinder Ford engine. Only 77 Sixes are believed to have been made, just two were convertibles, including I assume the one shown here - unless this was a pre-production car maybe?
Reliant Sabre
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The video below contains 100 photographs of fibreglass-bodied cars, including various Reliants with Sabre Sixes featuring, along with other cars from Reliant such as the Scimitar and the Robin.
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