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Original transport photographs
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Vintage Photographs - Page 2

A second page of 1930s - 1950s transport images

Interesting old photographs can turn up almost anywhere. Some of the motor-related photos in these pages have been sent in by people who've visited oldclassiccar, whereas others I've found in old junk shops, car boot sales, online, or have been given to me by relatives.

Some pictures, where I've not been able to identify the car(s) on view, I've put into the Mystery Cars section - it is running to many pages now, so if you can shed light on any of the motors featured, I'd appreciate it! This section contains photos where I've been able to (more or less) identify what is shown.

Do you have any old albums that feature cars from years ago? feedback suggests that perusing old photographs is a popular pastime for many people who visit this website, so if you are willing and able to share olde-worlde photos that have a motoring theme to them, it'd be great to be able to feature them on here! If you're good at identifying oldies, have a look at the unidentified cars in the Mystery Car section.

Have a look at these new additions in the cars gallery!

Index of vintage motoring photographs
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Cars from the Royal visit to Ceylon, in 1954
Photographs taken in Ceylon, 1954, of the Royal visit. 1954, Cadillac plus decorated vehicles (4 pics)

Vauxhall used by the Army
Vauxhall used by Psychological Warfare Division, France. (1 pic)

  Holden FJ photographed in Australia
Holden FJs parked in Australia. (3 pics)

  Pre-war Wolseley saloon car
Shiny black Wolseley photo'd in 1949. (2 pics)

Commer NC van
1930s Commer & Derby Bentley in Arundel. (1 pic)

  Ford Model A 'Fordor'
Model A Fords in India, Ireland, USA and Australia. (9 pics)

  FIAT 500'
FIAT Topolino. (4 pics)

1950s Vauxhall L Type Velox & Wyvern. (12 pics)

  A40 van
Austin A40 Devon vans in the 1950s & 1960s. (4 pics)

MG TC sportscars. (7 pics)

Jowett saloon car
Fascinating pics of the prototype Jowett CD. (3 pics)

  Riley, and other cars
Photos of soldiers with their cars (Wolseley,Riley,Morris) (4 pics)

  Morris LD
Period photo of an LD in Price's of London colours (1 pic)

Morris R Type Lorry
R-Type Morris from the 1930s with signwriting. (1 pic)

  Old Singer
Twenties Singer with a group of friends onboard (1 pic)

  LHD Moggy Minor
Unusual LHD Morris Minor - but where is it???? (2 pics)

Lyons ice cream van
Bedford CA ice cream van (1 pic)

  Dodge WC52
Dodge WC52 Radio van (4 pics)

  Army vehicle line-up
Army vehicle display (1 pic)

Standard 12/14
Standard Flying 12 & 14 (3 pics)

  Standard 8
Standard 8 1945-48 (1 pic)

  Lowlight Morris Minor
Minor MM tourer (lowlight) (4 pics)

Studebaker 1940s
A Studebaker Commander from 1947 (1 pic)

  Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Black & white snap of a 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster (1 pic)

  Pontiac Silver Streak 1947
A smart black Pontiac Silver Streak from 1947 (1 pic)

RAF Austin 8 saloon car
An Austin 8 RAF staff car pic (1 pic)

  Tempo truck
Tempo Matador pickup truck (1 pic)

  Old car ferry service
Rudimentary ferry & 5 cars (1 pic)

Ford Model T ambulance
A Model T ambulance (1 pic)

  Setra coach
Setra S8 Panoramabus (1 pic)

  Austin A55 Cambridge in a car park
Austin A55 Cambridges (3 pics)

Austin A35 van
Austin's A35 van (4 pics)

  Armstrong Siddeley
Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane (3)

  Alfa Romeo 6c/8c
1930s Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 (2 pics)

Morris Cowley
A bent Cowley seen in Spain (1 pic)

  Standard Vanguard Phase 1
Standard Vanguard Ph.1/1a (19)

  Mark 1 Ford Consul saloon car
Ford Consul Mk1 (11 pics)

MG SA sporting saloon car
MG SA saloons (4 pics)

  Sunbeam Talbot saloon car
Sunbeam Talbot 90 MkIIA & Mk3 (3)

  Standard 12
Standard Flying 12. (9 pics)

MG cars being built at the factory
MG TC assembly (Abingdon) (1 pic)

  Pontiac sedan
Pontiac Sedanette c1946 (1 pic)

  Standard 10 car
Standard 10 & Super 10 (12 pics)

2 tone Rover P4
Smart 2 tone P4 Rover (2 pics)

  Mock up of a car on the wooden deck of a ship
Mock-ups of cars in photos (3)

  1948 Plymouth
5 window Plymouth Coupe 1948 (2)

Austin A30 van
A30 Van conversion (2 pics)

  DAF 55 with a DKW
DAF 55 towing a DKW (1 pic)

  Crashed Ferrari
Destroyed 330GT Ferrari (1 pic)

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