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See Homepage. This page: An open-topped touring car dating to the twenties.
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Singer touring car

Les sent this to me, showing a group of male pals sat in an open top Singer, not too dissimilar from the Singer tourer that turned up in a recently purchased group of photos.

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Vintage tourer, solid wheels, roof folded down.

Soft-top Singer

If anyone can i.d. the Singer shown here, it'd be appreciated. The gents look jolly happy to be photographed in their car, parked in the front garden of a typical suburban house, still fitted with the original sash windows. The ladyfolk have been banished to the background! The car looks to be a twenties model, judging by its overall appearance, and the solid disc wheels that are fitted. Note how the position of the spare wheel precludes the driver from having his/her own mode of entrance and egress.

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