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Original transport photographs
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British Army trucks, vans and cars.

I found this photograph of various British military vehicles, with its rightmost end ripped off for some reason, at a car boot sale in 2006.

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Large and small military vehicles on display.

Army lorries

Why this photo is ripped clean down one side I don't know. Not visible in this scan, but still remaining on the original photograph to the extreme right, is a Series 1 Land Rover. The other army vehicles on show here are a real mixed bag, from the left - Austin 3 ton 4x2 K4 (number 55 RG 29), then a Bedford OY 3 ton 4x2 (number 39 RH 55), a Ford WOT 2E 15cwt 4x2 (66 YR 42), a Hillman 'Tilly' 10cwt (16 RC 27), a small Austin 'Tilly' 10cwt (48 YF 19), then an L Type Vauxhall Velox or Wyvern (33 BC 10), and off to the right the Landy S1 (number not visible). The military vehicles would have been finished in deep bronze green, with a gloss finish that was current practice in the early 1950s.

The Land Rover first came out in 1948, so this photograph is definitely post-war despite many of the 1940s vehicles shown being from the war era. Any clues as to who is shown here, or where, would be much appreciated. Thanks to Les for confirming the line-up of vehicles shown.

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