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See Homepage. This page: A rare MG seen in a British driveway, and another with a family stood alongside the car.
Original transport photographs
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1. An MG SA sports saloon.

Sadly this photograph isn't of the best quality, but the rarity of the MG SA warrants its inclusion in this section of the site. The registration of this fine British motor-car isn't visible, and there are no notes on the reverse of the photo to give any more clues.
MG SA car
The MG SA was produced for a short time prior to WW2 (1936 - 1939) during which time just over 2,700 examples were built. All SAs were powered by a straight 6 overhead valve engine, sourced from Morris Motors Ltd and uprated by MG. The coachwork was also built by Morris.

2. A young family with a two-tone MG SA saloon.

The second MG SA photo features a family stood in front of a two-tone MG saloon. Both the gent and the lady are in uniform, as are some of the people lurking in the background. This example has opening vents on the bonnet side panels, rather than louvres. After looking at other cars similar to this, I think the presence of vents indicates a date of 1936 or 1937, with later examples having the louvres. Once again the photo isn't in the best of condition, maybe one day I'll find a good period view of this MG to add in.
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Another 1936/1937 MG saloon

3. MG SA competes in a rally.

Shortly after posting the request above for good, clear photos of an MG SA to include here, Peter from the forum dropped me a line. He forwarded the two photographs shown below, they belong to a friend of his who is restoring this particular car, and both show his car - registration GRB 988 - taking part in a rally. The first photograph shows the car parked at Madeira Drive in Brighton, whilst its driver signs on for the rally. Note the holder affixed to the offside rear bumper iron, waiting for a rally entrant's plaque to be attached. The photograph dates to the 1950s judging by the presence of an A40 Sports in the background.
Driving the MG
The second photograph sees the MG negotiating a winding lane alongside a lake. Note the large central spotlamp and the taped-up headlamp.
Signing on for a rally in the MG SA
Thanks to Peter for forwarding these images over, and to Ken for ok'ing their appearance on the site. If anyone has more photographs of Ken's car in action, by all means drop me a line and I'll pass them on.
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An invoice relating to the sale of an SA in 1936 may now be found here.
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