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Psychological Warfare in WW2.

An amazing picture of a Vauxhall used in France c1944.

Thanks to Les who sent me a copy of this photo. It shows a 40s Vauxhall 10hp or 12hp in use with the US Army in France. Note the matt paint finish, Army markings, and two large speakers attached to the roof of the car. Les says .. "Here is an unusual photo of a Vauxhall in France, in 1944, used by the Psychological Warfare Division in the main square of Flamanville in the province of Manche, France.".

I am fascinated by this scene, and would like to find out more about what exactly these cars, and this Division, actually did. I have a vague knowledge on the subject, but some detailed history would be fascinating. I wonder if this Vauxhall was taken on from new by the US Army, or would it have been requisitioned?

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Psychological Warfare

Psychological warfare largely concerned itself with spreading information, and/or disinformation, that would throw the enemy off the scent. An introduction to the subject can be found on Wikipedia site, and the site.

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