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1930s Alfa Romeo 6C Zagato.

Initially I was unsure of the specific Alfa shown here (I thought either 6C or 8C), but thanks to the internet, someone who knows their Alfas has confirmed that this is basically a 6C 1750 Gran Sport.
Alfa Romeo sports car
There is no doubting the age of this lovely old Alfa - late 1920s/early 1930s. One school of thought was that it might have been a 6C 1750, although those I'd seen pictures of had a flatter chrome radiator grille, rather than the raked painted rad shell on this one. I did wonder if it might be an 8C, either 2300 or 2600, but I'm told the brakes don't look big enough to be one of the 8 cylinder Alfa Romeos.
Update: I've been advised that this is indeed a 6C 1750 (possibly a GS), with coachwork by Zagato, the Italian coachbuilders. The triangular air intakes on the side of the torpedo are the giveaway apparently, they indicate that it is a 4th series or earlier. So, the estimate is that it is a 4th series, which would make it a 1930 model. The grille is not the original, but of 8C 2300 style. The chromed wheels on this Alfa are also non-standard. A way to tell a 6C from an 8C, apart from the smaller brake drums normally fitted to the 6 cylinder car, is that the front leaf springs are mounted directly to the chassis in the front, whereas the 8C had the springs fitted to the chassis via a small link.
The registration is JB 3129, seen in a car park with many more humble motorcars in view. Alongside is a Ford Prefect, E493A type, that was powered by the pre-war inspired 10hp sidevalve lump. The back row has a nice variety of vehicles - a 1930s Austin (DOY 341), a Thames 10cwt panel van (GTM 521), Austin A70 Hereford (MLP 736) with AA badge on the grille, a 30s saloon (Austin?) with open screen and sunroof, a large 30s Wolseley, and a Bedford CA van owned by a Florist shop with its sliding door open.
Alfa Romeo sports car
Second shot is the same Alfa but this time from the rear. Whoever owned this car really doted on it, judging by the shine to the paintwork. The twin spare wheels are fitted to the sloping tail, and a well polished GB plate is mounted to the offside. Other identifiable cars in this photograph are a Triumph 1800/2000 roadster on the left, an interesting 1930s Austin woodie directly in front of the Alfa, and alongside that a Phase 1 Standard Vanguard.
A check online shows that this car sold at an auction, in 1993, for 185k (see here).
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A 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport, competing in the Gravesend Speed Trial, can be seen on this page. Anyone interested in later Zagato-bodied Alfa Romeos may well find this owner's account of a 1965 Alfa 2600 Zagato to be of interest.

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