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1946 Pontiac Sedanette car.

This photo was taken in the late 1940s, in Shanghai.

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Thanks to Lydia, who originally sent this photo over asking if anyone could identify it for her ...

"I have a problem and I am hoping you can solve it. I have an old photo of me and a friend in Shanghai in 1948 or so (just before we migrated to Australia) sittiing on a car as you can see in attached. It is obviously something we are all proud of so it must be very new. But unfortunately no-one seems to know what make it is. Can you help me? I and everyone here would appreciate it very much."

My knowledge of American cars is somewhat brief, so I posted a copy of this pic on the classic car forum, and waited for a reply. It didn't take long, and stuchamp came back, identifying the classic shown above as a Pontiac Sedanette, c1946 or so. Thanks for identifying that one, and to Lydia who sent the photo over in the first place and agreed to me featuring it on the site.

I wonder what the car part shown in the background was? its either a woodie, or a steel bodied car with a paintjob that looks like a woodie!

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