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See Homepage. This page: Sadly this was the end of the road for a classic Italian 2+2 GT.
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A V12 330 Ferrari following a heavy collision.

Another photograph sent in by David, taken by him at a garage in 1981.

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Ferrari 330GT

Ouch!!! the photo above shows the sorry remains of a classic 330GT Ferrari following a major crash ...

"Been a rumagin' through some old pics and thought this might appeal. A couple of old mates had been doing some brake work on said motor, and decided on a quick road test round the Kentish lanes and ....................."

Quite what the customer had to say about the crash of his beloved Ferrari is anyone's guess, and I'm sure the insurance company were less-than pleased too. It's believed that the crashed car went on to be scrapped - I wonder if any of the components, such as running gear, the Borrani wheels, or that V12 engine, were rescued? if this had happened now I bet the 330GT would be pieced back together, although I'm told that this particular Ferrari was a bit rough and ready beneath the surface...

The gent who was a passenger in this unfortunate Ferrari now says .. "That was a moment! I had no recall of that accident after realising that the brakes had failed and that we were going to crash. The next thing I knew I was walking along the road and several cars had stopped and it was all over. Just a few bruises."

Another period photo of a V12 Ferrari, but this time in good order, can be found on the 250 GT Berlinetta photo page.

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