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See Homepage. This page: Several British cars arrive at the shore using a ferry service.
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Basic car ferry in the 1960s.

Photographed arriving on shore are five old cars that have used this car ferry service to traverse a river. As with so many old photos, there are no notes to give a clue as to which river this is, or who operated this rudimentary ferry service. A visitor to the site has been able to identify this location - more details further down. Fortunately, identifying most of the cars seen on the ferry was a lot easier! Car registration 532 CWB is an Austin Mini Mk1 deluxe, and alongside is Series 2 Vauxhall Victor F Type SCH 962. Behind that is a Morris Minor 1000 Traveller, with a 100E Ford (possibly a Prefect) bringing up the rear. The only car I'm not sure about is the one behind the Mini. The guy on the left wearing the wellies I'm told would be the deckhand, with the Captain stood in the small vessel alongside. In the background are a number of larger ships moored in what looks like a loading dock.
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Several cars on a river crossing
A quick flick through an RAC handbook from 1963 shows that the Mini was registered in the Sheffield area, and the Victor in Derby. Although they are both northern areas, it doesn't really shed any light on where this photo was taken. None of these cars was particularly renowned for its ability to defy corrosion, so I hope any water splashing around wasn't of the salty, sea, variety!
Update. Keith from Grand Rapids, Michigan, dropped me an email with his thoughts as to the location of this scene:
"I have just found your website and find it very interesting. I was born in Bristol England, and emigrated to Michigan USA in 1956. My Dad owned at least two Standard Flying Eights, the first I believe was in 1938? (it was the first Standard with the waterfall grill) either 1938 or 39, perhaps you know when was the correct year.
We made good use of this car with many holidays touring Cornwall. I am dead certain the above picture is the Bodinnick Ferry across the river from Bodinnick to Fowey in SE Cornwall, the cargo ships in the background are loading china clay.
The small picture (below) shows the same location with improved ferry boat. I have crossed the river to Fowey many times, and took a cruise up the river to get a better look at the ships and china clay loading docks, still in operation today. The ferry landing on the Bodinnick side is right next to a very nice home once owned by mystery novel writer Daphne Du Maurier.
I trust this solves the location of your picture."
Car ferry in Cornwall
Thanks for that information Keith, much appreciated!!!!

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