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See Homepage. This page: American car style back in the late 1940s, in the shape of a post-war Plymouth.
Original transport photographs
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Plymouth 5 window Coupe

Two black and white photos here show a rakish Plymouth coupe with various members of an American family.
1948 Plymouth
These 2 original pictures show a 1948 Plymouth with members of a family in the USA. Stuchamp advises that the car dates to 1948, and is a 5 window coupe, of a type very sought after today, both by hot rodders and Plymouth enthusiasts. One photo shows a young lad sat in the driver's seat (LHD remember!), and then stood with his mother and grandmother alongside the car. Perhaps the car's owner was behind the camera?
The Business Coupe of 1937 can be found on this page of the archive.
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